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Updated 26 Nov 08
Sunset Valley Orchids Cycnoches and Catasetum Hybrids

Welcome to the Sunset Valley Orchids spring 2008 Catasetinae offering. I believe this is one of the most diverse and ‘leading edge' offering of Catasetinae hybrids any where. Over the last 20 years I have assembled the best quality species and hybrids needed in breeding this world class offerings. The breeding plants have been selected for superior color, shape, size and plant vigor. Naturally these qualities lead to AOS awards and as a result much of the breeding stock has now been awarded.

The seedlings have shown strong and rapid growth with many producing a few flowers on small plants on the second years of growth. The plants will reach maturity at 3 to 5 years. When mature the flowerings are spectacular with many flowers produced in a range of colors from green, yellow, orange, red, chocolate, brown, spotted, and black…

Catasetinae are quite adaptable and grow well in a number of cultural conditions suitable for Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Vandas. The most important factor is respecting their need for winter dormancy. In the late fall and early winter mature leaves will start to yellow and drop off, at these first signs begin to reduce your watering. By mid/late December most leaves should be yellow or have fallen off. At this point watering should be limited to once a month and only in the morning of a sunny day. Some shriveling of the bulbs is expected. Once the new growth has started to develop in the spring and new roots are 3-4” long resume the regular watering practice.

Fall 2008 Catasetinae Listing

Here are interesting some new plants not offered in the spring, including the first offering of the clones of Fdk. After Dark!


SVO 819

Cyc. William Clarke
(Cyc. herrenhusanum ‘SVO' x Cyc. cooperi ‘Dark Jem' AM/AOS)

The classic swan shaped Cycnoches flowers in a new, very unusual colors ranging from green, gingersnap, chocolate and some have spots! Expect 3" flowers on long inflorescences carrying 25 or more blooms.

SVO 897

Cyc. herrenhusanum
(Cyc. herrenhusanum 'SVO' x Cyc. herrenhusanum 'Cindy Hill')

Golden yellow to greenish yellow flowers. This sibling cross will be the first step in improvement of this species. We are looking for fuller and flatter flowers from this paring of two vigorous growing and blooming cultivars, this was confirmed last fall when a plant of the cross took an AM/AOS.

SVO 898

(Cyc. barthiorum 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS x Morm. colossus 'RK)

Flower color is from orange to rose-red. Expect 10 or more flowers in the 2-3" size range. These are strong growing and blooming plants.

SVO 899

Cyc. cooperi
(Cyc. cooperi 'SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. cooperi 'SVO II' HCC/AOS)

This is the first release of a series of crosses to improve Cyc. cooperi. Here two of my best dark chocolate colored cooperi's were used. Expect superior flower shape and color.

SVO 928

(Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. fimbriatum var. moorianum)

This yet un-named hybrid will become the next generation of Fredclarkeara (Fdk.). As with other Fdk. hybrids flower longevity will be greatly improved over the Catasetum parent, expect longevity of 5-7 weeks. The Painted Desert will impart its fine shape and color, the fimbriatum has an incredible solid dark purple flower color. These will have very dark flower color, possibly in the black range. This is a very promising hybrid with a very limited supply.

SVO 964

(Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Maria Helena)

Another new Fredclarkeara (Fdk.) hybrid. Ctsm. Maria Helena (macrocarpum x galeritum) Has helmet shaped flowers with very dark interiors and green exteriors. The Painted Desert should improve the overall shape and lend its color. The expectation is for long lasting, slightly cupped flowers produced 10-15 per stem in dark in colors.

SVO 1050

Cycd. Chocolate and Cherries
(Morm. sinuata 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS)

The deep red color from the sinuata will dominate the flower color and the fine shape of the warscewiczii will lend its form. This is a proven combination giving excellent results. I am expecting 7-11 flowers in the 3" size. Limited supply

SVO 1112

Cyc. barthiorum (Cyc. barthiorum 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS x Cyc. barthiorum 'SVO II')

My first successful sibling cross with the two excellent Cyc. barthiorums. Full shaped rose flowers with spotting will be produced from this mating. Superb line breeding for improvement in flower color, shape and size.

SVO 1423

(Morm. Exotic Treat 'SVO II' x Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS)

Exotic Treat is a deep yellow flower with dark burgundy spots, fantastic color. The warscewiczii will predictably impart its fine form and allow for the Mormodes color to come through. Bright yellow flowers with spots and excellent shape!

SVO 1434

Ctsm. denticulatum
(Ctsm. denticulatum 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS x self)

2003 winner of the Ann and Phil Jessup Botanical Trophy. A spectacular small growing Catasetum with mature bulbs only 5" tall. Expect 20+ flowers of good color measuring 1.5" across. Very rare, desirable and cute, a must have species. Limited supply

SVO 1443

(Cyc. cooperi 'SVO III' FCC/AOS x Cyc. Jean E. Monnier '#2')

My cross of Cyc. Jean E Monnier has earned an impressive 5 AM and 6 HCC, this hybrid combines one of the darkest Jean E. Monnier that carries 35 flowers combined with the best cooperi awarded. This is the next level of improvement in this line of breeding. Expect 30-35 large 4" flowers in colors ranging from deep chocolate to light bronze with dark spotting. This is a "must have" hybrid.

SVO 1450

Cyc. barthiorum (Cyc. barthiorum 'Sunset Valley Orchids' AM/AOS x Cyc. barthiorum 'SVO III')

My second successful sibling cross. Cyc. barthiorum 'III' is by far the best in my collection. Full shaped, dark rose flowers with random spotting are produced from this mating. Superb line breeding looking towards significant improvement in quality and for future AOS awards.

SVO 1453

Cyc. Jean E. Monnier
(Cyc. cooperi ‘SVOIII' FCC/AOS x Cyc. barthiorum ‘SVOII')

This has all the potential to be the best Jean E. Monnier yet. The cooperi is by far the most superior in size, color and it can carries over 40 flowers, the barthiorum outstanding as well and is surly going to be awarded. This is a cross you need to add to your collection.

SVO 1461

(Mo. Painted Desert ‘SVO' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. tenebrosum ‘Ed #3')

Here is a new Fredclarkeara (Fdk.) grex. The flower longevity will be greatly improved as with other Fdk. hybrids, expect lasting qualities of 5-7 weeks. The Painted Desert used here is the parent of the famous Fdk. After Dark and the tenebrosum bred the highly awarded Ctsm. Donna Wise grex another parent in the Fdk After Dark. Superior parents used with a proven track record in breeding dark colored flowers. Is it possible this cross could lead to more black flowers? This is a very promising hybrid with a limited supply.

SVO 1479

Cycd. Opalina
(Morm. horichii 'SVO' x Cyc. warscewiczii 'Giant Swan')

Cycnodes hybrids have a high average of quality, this one is no exception. These plants will produce strong upright stems carrying 13-17 large rose-purple flowers with darker lips. Expect excellent shape and hybrid vigor from this breeding line.

SVO 1802

(Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Amazing' x Ctsm. Donna Wise ‘Long Last')

This is the first hybrid with the world famous Fdk. After Dark. Here we have bred it back to ‘Long Last' a sibling of its parent ‘Kathleen' which has solid dark flowers that last and last, thus the name. Hard to improve on Fdk. After Dark but this should increase flower size and maintain the dark coloration. Can you imagine 3” black flowers! Very limited

SVO 1815

(Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Amazing' x Ctsm. Mark Dimmitt ‘Ed Wise')

Once again a hybrid with the famous Fdk. After Dark. The very dark burgundy colored Ctsm. Mark Dimmitt (Ctsm. Donna Wise x Ctsm. Orchidglade) has the potential to significantly improve the shape and size of the After Dark while adding its dark color genes. I am expecting bigger and better flowers than After Dark. Very limited.

SVO 1817

(Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Amazing' x Ctsm. Donna Wise ‘Kathleen' AM/AOS)

One more offering with Fdk. After Dark, here it crossed back with its parent ‘Kathleen'. Once again the potential for larger black flowers may be unlocked here. A superior hybrid with amazing potential. Don't wait on these supply is limited.

SVO 1818

(Morm. tezontle alba ‘SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. warscewiczii ‘Giant Swan')

The tezontle alba carried 46 flowers when it was awarded and ‘Giant Swan' blooms with up to 9 flowers. The Mormodes will dominate flower color and count the warscewiczii will lend its fine form. Expect 25 or more green flowers on mature plants.

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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