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Plant Archive


I have been collecting select and awarded Cattleya species for many years. The collection is now over 700 plants. Recently, I started line breeding the best plants to have these choice and often hard to find Cattleya species available for the hobbyist. Here are some of the first things to come from the lab with many more to follow in coming years.


SVO 1318

C. lueddemanniana (C. lueddemanniana 'Jim Elmore' AM/AOS x self)

Jim Elmore has light lavender flowers with excellent conformation of the segments and an almost perfectly shaped lip. This is one of those must have Cattleya species.

SVO 1462

Epi. xanthinum (Epi. xanthinum 'Resplendent' CHM/AOS x self)

‘Resplendent’ CHM/AOS is a dwarf form of Epi. xanthinum, this plant is only 12” tall, the regular from is 3” tall. These will flower with dense clusters of yellow blooms. It is reluctant to keiki and produce aerial roots. A truly charming mini-Epidendrum. This is very collectable and a unique plant that has not been available until now. Flowering in 3” pots. Limited

SVO 1841

C. labiata (C. labiata 'Goliath' AM/AOS x C. labiata v. rubra ‘Fertigo' SM/JOGA, AM/AVO)

The cultivar ‘Goliath’ is a huge flower, the largest awarded, with a natural spread of 6.75”, a petal width of 3”, an excellent carriage and form. ‘Fertigo’ has a silver medal from the Japanese Orchid Judging Association (JOGA) and an Award of Merit from the Venezuelan Orchid Association (AVO), it has dark purple blooms, and firmly held petals of heavy substance. This is a superior cross with two of the best C. labiata’s.

JEM 383

C. violacea (C. violacea v. flamea x C. violacea v. flamea ‘Flared JEM’ AM/AOS)

Flared C. violacea are tightly held and rarely seen for sale. This is what the AOS Judges said about C. violacea v. flamea ‘Flared JEM’ AM/AOS. “Three flowers on one inflorescence; sepals and petals base color mauve, outer two-thirds of petals heavily veined with dark rose-violet; sepals irregularly striated with some darker color; edges of sepals with thin white margin; lip frontal lobes deep bright fuchsia, central disk white with yellow stain outside; anther cap is fuchsia; petal form much better than average, broader and more blunt towards the outer third, less pointed than usual for the species; margins of petals attractively ruffled and crisped; substance exceptional; texture slightly velvety; altogether a lovely variant from the type.” These are not to be missed.

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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