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Sunset Valley Orchids 2015-16 Sarcochilus list

Sarcochilus are native to Australia and have been grown by hobbyist there for many years; occasionally we see plants here in the USA, they generally are the old fashion type with white flowers and a red spot in the center.  With my visits to Australia sourcing Aussie Dendrobiums, I came across several Sarcochilus breeders who are doing a magnificent job breeding for “high color” Sarcochilus.  Their efforts are focused on developing new flower colors in:  pinks, reds, yellows, salmon, and purples. 

I have carefully selected these hybrids that appear to be most promising with good color, quick to bloom, compact plants (all will flower in 3” pots), and a charming aspect.  

This is the first significant offering in the USA of the “modern high color” Sarcochilus breeding from Australia.  

Some growing tips for Sarcochilus

Here are the basic requirements for moisture, temperature and light needed for good culture:

  • Sarcochilus need to be watered in a way to keep the medium slightly moist.  They don't have pseudobulbs to store water so it's the leaves and roots that are responsible for this function.  I water them every 2-3 days in summer and once a week in winter.  Sarcochilus need a well drained potting medium as watering will be frequent; I have found a mix of medium orchid bark and perlite to be ideal.
  • The summer temperatures should range from 75-85 degrees during the day and 60-70 degrees at night with winter temperatures from 60-75 degree days and 45-55 degree nights.
  • The plants prefer light levels of 1500 to 2000 foot candles (fc).  In hot humid conditions the plants benefit from increased shading, air movement and watering, as this helps keep the foliage cool.


  • Sarcochilus generally flower in late April and early May; I am always reminded that Mother's day is not far off when I see the first blooms.


SVO 5479
Sarco. Fiery Glow 'Red Gem' x Sarco. (Sweetheart x Fitzhart) 'Spectacular' 

Ok, so I did make one Sarcochilus hybrid for this year.  I just could not resist!  Both of these are considered the best Sarcs. in my collection.  The Firey Glow (Bernice Klein x Zoe) is just fantastic. It's amazing red color with darker red blotches and beautiful shape is truly exceptional.  The other parent is equally nice with amazing color and shape.  The cross is also showing excellent plant vigor.  First to bloom picture 1
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Symphony (Sarco. Bunyip 'Pale Pink'  x Sarco. Elegance 'Petite' )

With Bunyip as a parent we always see an improvement in flower quality. Elegance has been the main building block in pink tone breeding, bringing great vigor and multiple spiking to it hybrids. Nice pink throughout segments, a few with red centers, good shape from this pairing. 
3” pots

Sarc. Bunyip 'Salmon'  x Sarc. Elegance 'Wow'

With Bunyip as a parent we always see an improvement in flower quality and Elegance is an excellent breeder. Soft pinks will be produced here with a few having red centers and good shape.
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Symphony  (Sarco. Elegance 'Petite' x Sarco. Bunyip 'Salmon' )

Elegance has been the main building block in pink tone breeding, bringing great vigor and multiple spiking to it hybrids. Combined with Bunyip, I am expecting very attractive softer pinks. These are very vigorous growing plants.  First to bloom of the cross 1
3” pot $20

Sarco. Kulnura Firemist  (Sarco. Bunyip 'Big Edge'  x Sarco. Zoe 'Pink Edge')

The original cross of Kulnura Firemist was made for patterning, but this remake is aimed toward segments with red edging. This is a very attractive and desirable combination, but will only be present in a small percentage of the progeny. The plants will be very vigorous growers and will flower profusely.
3” pot

Sarc. Rebecca 'Crimson Gem' x Sarc. Kulnura Intensity 'Crimson Velvet'

Sensationally intense reds! Both parents have an upright spike habit and show multi spike potential. Rebecca also carries albino genes, but I am not expecting those to be expressed here. Finer foliage will be present in this hybrid.
3” pot

Sarc. Rosella 'Multi' x Sarc. Kulnura Intensity 'Mottle Base'

The red lines that have been developed recently show much improved vigor. This cross is no exception. Deep reds with a hint of darker mottling around the column.
3” pot

Sarco. Heidi 'Early'   x Sarco. Zoe 'SB'

Most Sarcos flower in the late spring, missing many of the bigger shows. One breeding objective is to bring the flowering period forward. There are two ways of doing this. One is to introduce some of the smaller species, which are difficult to grow. The other is to use early-flowering hartmannii. This Heidi flowers in early to mid-spring and should confer that timing to its offspring. In this first generation I expect mostly white flowers, but a few will have some red to pink color.  It will be nice to see Sarcochilus blooming in late March and early April.
3” pot

Sarco. Kulnura Salsa 'Pell' x Sarco. Cherie Dawn 'Peloric Pink' AD/AOC

The splash petal style of Sarcochilus is only just emerging. This cross is one of the first in a developmental sequence. We are hoping for high proportion of flowers with gold petals and pink sepals. 
3” pots

Sarco. Orange Glow 'Flames'  x Sarco. Kulnura Firemist 'Top Spot'

White flowers covered in spots are very attractive! This cross combines red spots with pink spots, and should give bright spots and patterning on white backgrounds.
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Sweetie 'Em Style' x Sarco. Kulnura Lickedy 'Tipped'

These will be very open, star-shaped flowers. Both parents are extremely prolific bloomers, so expect lots of white flowers with segments tipped in bright pink. Very attractive.
3” pots

Sarco. Elegance 'Super' x Sarco. Bonanza 'Big Pat'

If you like show stoppers, these are for you! Big flowers on arching spikes in pink, some with patterning. The shape from this mating will be fantastic, full and round. I predict high awards from this grex.  Picture of first to bloom 1
3” pots

Sarco. Madge 'One' x Sarco. Parma 'Yellow'

So far the full yellow color forms like Sarco. Parma have been a bit open in shape, whereas the poached egg forms like Sarco. Madge have great shape. In this cross we bring two albinistic yellows together, looking for fuller-shaped yellow. Picture of First to bloom 1
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Lickedy 'Tipped' x Sarco. Elegance 'Super'
I love the lace patterning we see in 'Tipped' it is a stunningly colored flower with a contrasting deep pink and white. By combining it with 'Super' we will see fuller shapes and flatter flowers.
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Absolute 'Dot' x Sarco. Orange Glow 'Flames'

Orange Glow 'Flames' is a very vigorous grower and regular producer of long spikes. Here we are looking for red-spotted white flowers with fuller shape.
3” pots

Sarco. Rosella 'Spotty' x Sarco. Zoe 'Habit'

Rosella 'Spotty' passes on intense spotting to its progeny. The spots are like little texture blotches all over the flower.  These will be well spotted flowers, produced profusely on excellent upright spikes. Very eye catching!
3” pots

Sarco. Parma 'Yellow' x Sarco. Roberta 'Good Yellow'

Without doubt, the full yellow color form has been the most popular in the last five years. This cross combines two of our best yellows, looking to improve both shape and color. Plants will be very vigorous growers.
3” pots

Sarco. Bunyip 'Big Edge' x Sarco. Kulnura Dragonfly 'Josh' HCC/AOC

Ooooo, good combination! The Bunyips breed above expectation and have been a huge part of the development of larger, high quality flowers. In combination with an awarded Kulnura Dragonfly we can't help but see some sensational flowers. These will be larger sized and full shaped flowers in the pink patterns. Recommended for the award hunters.
3” pots

Sarco. Cherie Snow 'Dark Pink' x Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'

Cherie Snow 'Dark Pink' has been one of the cornerstones of our breeding program. It produces upright spikes of patterned flowers, a trait that should be passed on to its offspring. With S. Sweetheart as the pollen parent, we will see greatly improved shape while keeping the color.
3” pots

Sarco. Kurumba 'Red & White' x Sarco. Kulnura Spice 'Halo' AM-AD/AOC

The truly red flowers in Sarcochilus are recessive in breeding. This is a back cross to increase the percentage of red in the progeny. Expect solid red flowers, some with a flash of white toward the tips of the petals. Compact plants and very free flowering. Picture of first flowering.
3” pots

Sarco. Elegance 'Super' x Sarco. Kulnura Flash 'Ultra'

In general, the shape in the true red flowers has not been developed to the standard of whites and pinks. This situation may be due to the recessive nature of red coloration. This is a red developmental cross, although the result will be very pleasing. Expect full-shaped deep pinks and purples. There will be some white flashing as well from both parents.
3” pots

Sarco. Bunyip 'Pale Pink' x Sarco. Kulnura Rusty 'Rusty Pink'

This is a backcross to Sarco. Bunyip. This cross really has a wide color possibility! At first glance, you might expect nice pink flowers. However, Bunyip carries albino and recessive red, and has given rise to plants with flowers in orange tones. This cross could produce a number of different outcomes.  Very vigorous plants producing lots of spikes.
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Symphony  (Sarco. Bunyip 'Pale Pink' x Sarco. Elegance 'Super')
This is a remake of one of the best potential crosses we have. Expect large flowers in mid pink shades. The shape of these will be full and flat. Flowers held on long arching spikes.
3” pots

Sarco. Amber 'Apricot O' x Sarco. Kurumba 'Orange Salmon'

The Sarco. Kurumba is the parent of the Sarco. Kulnura Kaleidoscope, which gave us true oranges. It also carries alba genes. This cross will yield percentages of albino yellows and orange tones. The unknown as of now is whether there is red in the S. Amber.
3” pots

Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Deep Pink' x Sarco. Orange Glow 'Flames'

This cross brings the red of Sarco. Orange Glow to the Sarco. Kulnura Intensity, which is deep pink but comes across as almost a red. This is a developmental cross to bring a greater diversity to the red gene bank. The result will be deep pinks from very vigorous plants.
3” pots

Sarco. Rebecca 'Red Beauty' x Sarco. Parma 'Yellow'

Sarco. Rebecca is a true red, yet also carries alba genes. In combination with Sarco. Parma, we will see a high percentage of full intense yellows. If you're into something different in your collection from a foliage point of view, these are for you. The non-albas will have red foliage. Very attractive.
3” pots

Sarco. Fairy 'Scarlet' x Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Red'

Are you looking for red flowers? Then these are for you. These flowers are of medium size, with flat starry shape and the intensity of the red is simply stunning.
3” pots

Sarco. Bonanza 'Big Pat' x Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'

After the success of Sarco. Kulnura Dragonflies, I looked at possibilities for similar breeding. The Sarco. Bonanza is an excellent mate for Sarco. Sweetheart. Expect large full-shaped flowers in the patterned color style. High recommended for those who enjoy success on the show bench.    Picture of first flowerings 1 ,  2
3” pots





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