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Plant Archive

SVO 1256

Sarc. Rachel 'SVO' HCC x Sarc. Heidi 'SVO' HCC

Excellent form, large white flowers with bright red centers, award quality breeding

SVO 1324

Sarc. Heidi 'Red Eye' x Sarc. Kirra Lee 'The Clown'

Looking for rose-pink flowers with excellent shape

SVO 1326

Sarc. Sweetheart 'Martha' x Sarc. Fitzhart 'Red'

Expecting red to spotted red flowers

SVO 1327

Sarc. Sweetheart 'Raspberry Cream' x Sarc. Fitzhart 'Red'

Good probability of red flowers however some will be rose-pink

SVO 1227

Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'Braburn'x Ptpm. Mathina 'Elizabeth'

A green crossed with a yellow, some should be yellow

SVO 1228

Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'Braburn' x self

Green flowers with burgundy markings and a light lavender lip, very nice




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