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Plant Offerings

Sunset Valley Orchids 2016 Catasetinae Plant Offering

For 2016, I am pleased to share the most comprehensive selection of Catasetinae hybrids and species ever offered.  Through the ongoing process of collecting, selecting, and developing our parental lines, the quality of the breeding stock is now without compare.  These new hybrids will set the standard for flower quality, vigor, and your enjoyment.

This year's main focus has been on Fredclarkeara breeding.  This wonderful hybrid genus produces fantastic results, with beautiful color, superior shape, high flower count, perfectly arranged blooms, and highly fragrant long-lasting flowers.  Quality in this genus is just amazing; to date, the hybrid genus Fredclarkeara has received the highest award from the American Orchid Society, 17 FCC/AOS awards!  What makes this more amazing is that there are only 22 registered Fredclarkeara hybrids!  Including all AOS awards to date, each Fredclarkeara grex has received an average of nearly three awards.  Remarkable statistics aside, these really are great plants: robust growers, reliable bloomers, and  long lived flowers.  This is the year to acquire the best Fredclarkeara genetics ever offered; don't miss out!

Over the last few years we have been working on the development of advanced breeding lines for Cycnoches.  I just love the elegant swan-shaped blooms; they truly are the most breathtaking flowers in the genus.  We have been selecting Cycnoches for our breeding program using several criteria: plant vigor, flower quality, flower color, and resistance to occasional back bulb die off.  Our Cycnoches species and hybrids have been through this selection process for two to three generations, resulting in significant improvements in flower quality and ease of culture.

By popular demand, we are making a few more standard sized Catasetum crosses.  The large flowers are really amazing!  These new crosses have superior genetics and are producing some really superb flowers.

We also are continuing the successful “mini-Catasetum” crosses, including the introduction of several very promising new ones.  This is a new plant form that has gained considerable attention from collectors.  These new hybrids are compact growers and flower 2-4 times a year!  How can you go wrong?

In this list you will also see advanced hybrids using Mormodes.  We have been working with these for years now, developing new colors and vigorous plants.  Mormodes are some of my favorite late-blooming Catasetinae.  They have bizarre, bold colors, twisted flowers, and a spicy fragrance that signal the end of the Catasetinae blooming season.

I've also received many requests for Catasetinae species.  When breeding species, it's important to use the best parental stock possible to accentuate good qualities, especially plant vigor.  This list reflects the “best of type” in the species offered.  There are some fantastic things here, so please take your time in making decisions - or just get them all.

There will be two releases of the new Catasetinae list, this being the first, with the second to follow in approximately 5-6 weeks.

Good growing,

Fred Clarke

SVO 6139
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. spitzii 'SVO Gold' FCC/AOS)

Painted Desert (Cl. Rebecca Northen x Morm. sinuata) is well proven as a parent, imparting many fine traits to its progeny.  Ctsm. spitzii 'SVO Gold' has solid bright yellow flowers of the highest quality with strong inflorescences carrying 25-30 blooms apiece.  The lip of spitzii is thick and solid - almost like it's formed from yellow wax.  This hard, flat lip should be valuable in flattening out the lip in the grex.  The expectation is for long-lasting, mostly red flowers with contrasting flat lips.  Flower shape should be beautiful, and flower count will be high, as both parents can carry 25 or more blooms.  This is a highly anticipated cross with lots of potential to produce some exceptional Fredclarkeara offspring.
3” pots $20

SVO 6160      
Cyc. Pineapple Popcorn (Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. Kevin Clarke 'SVO' FCC/AOS)

Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' has an excellent flower with good size, count, shape and blooming habit.  It is a proven grower and one of the best warscewiczii out there.  Kevin Clarke (herrenhusanum x warscewiczii) is truly special.  It is named for my younger son and the first Cycnoches hybrid from SVO to receive a coveted First Class Certificate (FCC) from the American Orchid Society.  The swan-shaped flowers of Kevin Clarke are bright yellow with faint gold spots -- an amazing color -- not to mention the two inflorescences carrying 30 perfectly arranged blooms.  Cyc. Kevin Clarke already has improved lip size and form.  The second addition of warscewiczii genes will result in a significant contribution to the overall size, shape, form and lip qualities of this grex.  It's hard to improve on an FCC, but this has the potential to do just that! First to bloom plant Pic 1, Pic 2Pic 3 
3” pots $18

SVO 6470
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Frank Smith 'SVO' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS)
Frank Smith 'SVO' (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. John C. Burchett) is just fantastic, with superior shape, high flower count, perfectly arranged blooms, long lasting flowers, and a flower color that is very dark, appearing to be black.  John C. Burchett (João Stivalli x Susan Fuchs) is the pinnacle of pileatum-based Catasetum breeding today.  Its dark burgundy flowers are fantastic in every way: size, color, shape, etc.  This cross represents line breeding at its finest!  The Frank Smith is already fantastic, but adding back the huge pileatum-based lip of John C. Burchett will further increase and flatten the flower and lip size of the progeny, while maintaining the amazing color.  I'm not sure how it can get any better than this...
3” pots $25

SVO 6476      
Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. gladiatorium 'SVO 35' x Ctsm. barbatum 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

Okay - here is a novelty Catasetum!  Ctsm. gladiatorium 'SVO 35' has light yellow flowers with red bars - some think it looks a bit like a shrimp.  What's really amazing are the 35 flowers it produces!  The barbatum has a white bearded lip - so cool looking.  This grex is about having fun with Catasetums!  These will have starry open-shaped flowers with awesome bearded lips, and the plants will produce 2-3 inflorescences per bulb with 20 plus blooms apiece.  This will be a showy and really different looking cross.
3” pots $18

SVO 6481      
Fdk. L'amour de vie de Sue (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. Louise Clarke 'Very Dark')
The influence of Mormodia in breeding is well known,  Mo. Painted Desert (Cl. Rebecca Northen x Morm. sinuata) will add flower color, multiple pendulous inflorescences and flower longevity to its offspring.  Ctsm. Louise Clarke is named for my mother and is a spectacular hybrid.  The cultivar 'Very Dark' has dark burgundy flowers with huge flat lips, high flower count, and flowers 2-3 times a year.  The additional dose of pileatum and expansum provided by Ctsm. Louise Clarke will give improved flower size and lip width.  Many will be red with darker spots, and I believe this cross will have the potential to produce black-colored flowers as well. First to bloom Pic 1.   Same as SVO 6173
3” pots $20

SVO 6485
Fdk. Gemstones (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'JTM'
Painted Desert 'SVO' is well proven as a parent,  imparting many fine qualities to its progeny, which have received more than 47 awards worldwide!!!  'JTM' is short for 'Jamie's Tortured Midnight.'  This remarkable clone has exceptionally large and very dark burgundy flowers.  This grex will produce offspring that range in color from dark red to almost black, with broad, flattened lips.  Inflorescences will carry 15-25 well arranged flowers and be produced 1-3 per pseudobulb.  This is a really great Fredclarkeara, with exceptional flower color, size and bloom longevity.  Also available as SVO 6127. Check out the flowers of the first one to be awarded Fdk. Gemstones
3” pots $20

SVO 6490
Cycd. NEW HYBRID (Cyc. lehmanii 'SVO' x Morm. Wild Rainbow 'BB')

Cycnoches lehmanii produced the popular and widely distributed grex Cycd. Wine Delight (Cyc. lehmanii x Morm. sinuata).  We also expect it to be a great parent here, as Cycnoches is dominant for flower shape.  Morm. Wild Rainbow (andicola x rolfeana) was made by Brent Baker and is one of my favorites.  It has excellent color: dark burnt orange flowers with burgundy spots and a red lip spotted with burgundy.  These are going to have excellent shape and size, and the dark red flowers will have bold burgundy spotting.  Lots of award potential from this grex.
3” pots $20

SVO 6491
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. Karen Armstrong 'SVO')
This is a new direction in Fredclarkeara breeding!  Because of the Karen Armstrong influence, these plants will stay under 8” tall, which makes this a mini-Fredclarkeara!!!  Can you tell how excited I am?  We know how influential Painted Desert is in breeding, producing excellent form, color and flower longevity.  It is also a small-growing plant that matures only at 6” tall.  Here we've paired it with the mini-Catasetum Karen Armstrong (Susan Fuchs x denticulatum), with its bright yellow flowers covered in coalescing burgundy spots.  The combination will make this grex a star!  Flower colors will range from deep red to spotted red/burgundy, and we expect excellent form, high flower count, and pleasing arrangement.  The plants will stay small and produce 2-3 inflorescences per bulb.  I am already anxious to see this bloom!
3” pots $20

SVO 6492
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS  x Ctsm. Alexa 'Good One')

Here is another mini-Fredclarkeara!  The influence of Painted Desert (Cl. Rebecca Northen x Morm. sinuata) is well documented, imparting excellent form, color and flower longevity to its progeny.  The mini-Catasetum Alexa (Bela Vista's Sangria x denticulatum) 'Good One' is the largest, fullest and darkest I have seen from the cross; it really is a standout!  These flowers will range in colors from the darkest burgundy to deep red.  They also will have a high flower count, excellent form and be well arranged.  The mature plants will be 6-8” tall and produce 2-3 inflorescences per bulb.  I can hardly wait!
3”pots $20

SVO 6493      
Cyc. NEW HYBRID (Cyc. Richard Brandon 'SVO' x Cyc. Swan Cascade 'Best Select')
This cross represents some of the most modern Cycnoches breeding today.  As advanced breeding is taking us farther away from the influence of the species, we are finding that the plants are easier to grow.  Richard Brandon (warscewiczii x Jean E. Monnier) was a real breakthrough: superbly-shaped flowers with shield-shaped lips, high flower count, heavy substance and amazing colors.  Swan Cascade (Jean E. Monnier x cooperi) has also produced excellent offspring, with 'Best Select' having particularly long inflorescences carrying 25-27 flowers.  The expectation here is for bronze flowers with darker burgundy spots, shield-shaped lips, and long inflorescences carrying 20 or more flowers.  You can't go wrong with this one!
3” pots $20

SVO 6503      
Morm. NEW HYBRID (Morm. Wild Rainbow 'BB'  x Morm. Nitty Gritty 'Darkness')
The late season flowering of Mormodes signals that winter is nearly here, and the bizarre colors, twisted flowers and spicy fragrance typify these last Catasetinae flowers of the season.  Wild Rainbow (andicola x rolfeana) was made by Brent Baker.  It has excellent flowers in burgundy, spotted with dark burnt orange and a spotted burgundy red lip.  The Nitty Gritty (Exotic Treat x rolfeana) is an extra dark burnt orange covered with burgundy spots, and a dark red lip.  This grex is an excellent and highly advanced Mormodes hybrid.  These plants are growing really well, will produce 3-4 inflorescences per bulb when mature and produce some amazing and unusually dark flower colors.
3” pots $18

SVO 6504
Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. gladiatorium 'SVO 35' x Ctsm. fimbriatum 'Golden Horizon')

Here is the 2nd novelty Catasetum involving gladiatorium 'SVO 35.'  This amazing clone has light yellow flowers with red bars, and bears an incredible 35 flowers per stem.  The fimbriatum is a bright yellow flower with red spotting and a coarsely fimbriate lip.  Here we're having some fun with Catasetum breeding!  These will bear bright yellow flowers with burgundy spots and bars on the segments, and the lips will be highly fimbriate.  I expect the plants to produce 2-3 inflorescences per bulb with 20 plus blooms, a new style of breeding with exotic looking flowers. Super easy to grow and bloom.
3” pots $18

SVO 6521      
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Dark There After 'SVO Crazy Good' AM/AOS' x Ctsm. José Abalo 'SVO')

Dark There After (Fdk. After Dark x Ctsm. Donna Wise) has produced a number of significant plants, with five receiving AOS awards to date.  'SVO Crazy Good' is fantastic, with amazing form, size, color and an amazing, very broad almost-flat lip.  The addition of José Abalo (sanguineum x Orchidglade), with its 2 foot long stem carrying 20 dark burgundy flowers with black lips, will give us an excellent opportunity for very dark flowers, with some the elusive black color.  All the benefits of Fredclarkeara breeding will be evident with this cross.  If I was a betting man, this is one I would place my money on. This is not to be overlooked! 
3” pots $22

SVO 6525      
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Dark There After 'SVO Crazy Good' AM/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS)
The Dark There After (Fdk. After Dark x Ctsm. Donna Wise) 'SVO Crazy Good' is a fantastic flower with amazing form, size, color and an unusually broad lip which is almost flat lip.   John C. Burchett (Ctsm. João Stivalli x Ctsm Susan Fuchs) is as good as it gets with Catasetum breeding today - the dark burgundy flowers are of superior size, color, and shape.  This is Fdk. breeding at its finest!  The Dark There After is fantastic, and adding the huge, dark pileatum-based lip of John C. Burchett again will further increase the size and flatten the shape of the flower and lip.  All of the benefits of Fredclarkeara breeding will be evident with this cross.  This is a cross not to overlook!  Huge potential with this grex.
3” pots $22

SVO 6526      
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Dark There After 'SVO Crazy Good' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS)
The Dark There After (Fdk. After Dark x Ctsm. Donna Wise) 'SVO Crazy Good' has a fantastic flower, with amazing form, size, color and a very broad almost-flat lip.  Orchidglade (pileatum x expansum) has large yellow flowers with red spotting and a huge lip.  With this cross we are expecting some color influence from the Orchidglade.  Flowers will come in a range of hues from dark red to light red-yellow, and even a few might be yellow-green.  Most will have varying degrees of red spotting.  Flower size and arrangement will be excellent.
3” pots $20

SVO 6528
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. After Hours 'SVO Way Good' x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS)
The grex After Hours (Fdk. After Dark 'SVO' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS) has two FCC/AOS parents is and the backcross to John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS makes it three.  This type of line breeding, in which a parent is crossed back to its progeny, will continue to increase flower size and improve lip flatness while maintaining the dark, nearly black-burgundy color.  These will have the excellent qualities of Fredclarkeara hybrids, including flower quantity, form, arrangement, size, fragrance and bloom longevity.
3” pots $22

SVO 6539      
Ctsm. José Abalo (Ctsm. sanguineum 'SVO' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'JTM' )

I have admired my plant of José Abalo 'SVO' for many years.  With its 2 foot flower spikes, each carrying 20 dark burgundy flowers with black lips, it is spectacular.  The sanguineum holds its flowers on a straight, upright inflorescence, and the flowers are spotted with a very dark lip. Orchidglade 'JTM' (pileatum x expansum) has exceptionally large and dark burgundy flowers. This is a great opportunity to acquire a proven hybrid that is rarely available for sale. Here is what Jose Abalo 'SVO' looks like Pic 1 and here is a picture of 'Clair' Pic 2
3” pots $18

SVO 6541      
Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. Frilly Doris 'SVO II' AM/AOS x Ctsm. spitzii 'SVO Gold' FCC/AOS)

Frilly Doris (Doris's Choice x Dona Marie) is a well-known breeding plant that gives predictable results by imparting good flower form, a fimbriate lip and well arranged flowers.  It also is a vigorous grower, blooming 3-4 times a season.  Ctsm. spitzii 'SVO Gold' has solid bright yellow flowers with strong inflorescences carrying 25-30 blooms apiece.  The lip of spitzii is thick and solid, and should be valuable in flattening the lips of its progeny.  Here we are expecting flowers to have yellow base colors with darker spotting on all segments, and lips that are fimbriate and flattened.  These are strong-growing, robust plants that will bloom 2-4 times a season, with sturdy inflorescences carrying 20 or more flowers.
3” pots $18

SVO 6719
Ctsm. NEW HYBRID (Ctsm. tenebrosum 'Ed #2' AM/AOS x Ctsm. denticulatum 'Orange Lip')
This tenebrosum is recently awarded, although it has been part of my breeding stock for 15 years or more.  It has beautiful flat petals and sepals in dark burgundy with a contrasting green lip.  This species is the first to bloom each year.  The denticulatum is a from the sib cross of ('SVO' AM/AOS x 'SVO II' AM/AOS) and is an excellent grower with great flower quality.  This plant blooms 3 or 4 times a year, from mid-summer through early winter.  I am expecting this primary hybrid will have a very important quality: frequent flowering, with the first flowers in early spring and subsequent blooming continuing throughout the growing season 'til early winter.  Flower color will be a dark burgundy, many will be spotted, and the flattened  lips will be lighter in color and spotted.
3” pots $18

SVO 6720      
Cyc. NEW HYBRID (Cyc. Anne-Kathrin Berger 'SVO' x Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS)
I've been breeding for Cycnoches with yellow flowers and red spots, a combination that I really like.  The Anne-Kathrin Berger (pentadactylon x herrenhusanum) has this color combination as well as great flower form, high flower count and ease of plant growth.  This warscewiczii has great flower quality and is a reliable, vigorous plant that has been part of my breeding stock for at least 15 years, imparting these qualities to many offspring. The hope is for a high percentage of yellow flowers with fine red spots. Flower shape will be excellent, and the pendant inflorescences will have 13- 15 well arranged flowers.  I am very optimistic about the results here.
3” pots $20

SVO 6724      
Fdk. NEW HYBRID (Fdk. Midnight Lace 'SVO' x Ctsm. Frilly Doris 'SVO II' AM/AOS)

Here is a new style in Fredclarkeara breeding.  The Midnight Lace is (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. fimbriatum v. morrenianum) and blooms with dark purple-burgundy flowers and frilly lips that are almost like black lace.  Frilly Doris (Doris's Choice x Dona Marie) imparts good flower form, well arranged flowers, vigorous growth, an ability to bloom 3-4 times a season, and, most importantly, the fimbriate lip.  How about 15-20, large, long-lasting, dark purple-burgundy flowers with dark frilly lips, produced 2-3 times a season?  Sounds pretty good to me!
3” pots $20

SVO 6725      
Ctmds.Dragons Glade (Ctmds. Dragons Tail 'Dark Tale' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS)
This is a Catamodes (Catasetum x Mormodes).  Dragons Tail (Ctsm. denticulatum x Morm. ignea) has amazing-looking flowers, almost scale-like, with deep colors and flat lips.  Just take a look at the picture.  Orchidglade (pileatum x expansum) has large yellow flowers with red spotting and a huge lip.  It grows particularly well and is a reliable bloomer.  This is the first [(Mormodes x Catasetum) x Catasetum] cross I am aware of, making this a first in breeding.  The Mormodes with its special ability to add color to hybrids will assure that this is an extraordinary hybrid.  Flowers will have a yellow base color overlaid with dense coalescing dark burgundy-brown spots, and the lips will be flat and similar in coloration.  Flowers will have good substance and last 3 weeks or more.  This is a very exciting hybrid with very interesting floral characteristics.

Check out this first to bloom picture , wow!!!  The description written a year ago is spot on, with one exception the flower is twice the size of Dragons Tail! We have now flowered these additional plants: PicturePicture.

3” pots $20



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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