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Coerulea (blue) Cattleyas

In Cattleyas the ‘coerulea’ color or ‘blue’ as it is referred to, is very intriguing and rare in nature. In the early years of blue breeding there were not many known species, so breeding was limited to a few possibilities. Today, we have many species and hybrids to breed with, and the quality of blue flowers has been improving rapidly. Don’t miss the spotted blue crosses…These are a great addition for the discriminating collector.

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SVO 6799T    
Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Love Knot v. coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS x C. mossiae v. coerulea 'Blue Moon Too')

Large well-formed coerulea flowers on small plants are the expectation here. Love Knot is a small plant, only 5” tall, and blooms twice a year with 2 to 3 very flat flowers that are nearly 4” across. It is an excellent grower and very showy. C. mossiae 'Blue Moon Too' has large 6.5” flowers of good shape and color.  This plant produces 4-5 blooms on strong stems in early May. I have high expectations for this cross.  Love Knot is known to flatten flower form and mossiae to give size and bloom period.  With this cross, we are looking forward to seeing 3-4 large flowers on compact, robust plants in May. This is a great and very promising cross!
3” pots $18

SVO 6815T
C. Gaudii f. coerulea (C. loddigesii f. coerulea 'Blue Sky' AM/AOS x C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS)

Coerulea color forms of bifoliate cattleyas are rare, and these first hybrids are turning out to be spectacular! I first offered C. Gaudii f. coerulea in 2013, and here is the description I wrote then: In the past this grex was called C. Hybrida when C. leopoldii was considered C. guttata.   This will be most desirable as they will be coerulea blue!  Bifoliate coerulea flowers are very rare and collectable with the most desirable having blue spots.  Mature plants will have heads of 10 or more blue flowers.  The first use of coerulea parents in this grex. Don't miss out on these.” Those plants sold out in just a few weeks, and it's been a long wait to produce another batch. The first plants from 2013 are now reaching maturity and blooming with strong stems of 9-11 flowers in a beautiful shade of coerulea blue with darker spotting. For this remake, the plants have been treated (T) with Oryzalin, a chemical used to convert diploids into tetraploids. I am expecting some exceptional plants from this remake! Limited supply.
3” pots $20

SVO 6849
C. Becky Culver (C. Loddiglossa f. coerulea 'SVO' x C. bicolor f. coerulea 'SVO')

Loddiglossa (C. loddigesii x C. amethystoglossa) is the parent of several very successful blue spotted hybrids.  It blooms with 15+ flowers in light coerulea blue with a few fine blue spots.  The addition of bicolor will broaden the lip and deepen the color.  Flowers will be light coerulea with darker coerulea blue lips, and a few may even have green flowers and blue lips.  These are growing really well and seem to be very vigorous.
3” pots $16


** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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