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Coerulea (blue) Cattleyas

In Cattleyas the ‘coerulea’ color or ‘blue’ as it is referred to, is very intriguing and rare in nature. In the early years of blue breeding there were not many known species, so breeding was limited to a few possibilities. Today, we have many species and hybrids to breed with, and the quality of blue flowers has been improving rapidly. Don’t miss the spotted blue crosses…These are a great addition for the discriminating collector.

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SVO 6002      
C. Poseidon Lake (C. Leoloddiglossa 'Blue Sky' x C. bicolor 'SVO Blue')

How do you make Leoloddiglossa (Loddiglossa x leopoldii) better?  Add bicolor!  The broad bicolor lip will improve the lip width of the progeny.  I expect the flowers to be similar in color, shape and number to Leoloddiglossa, but much wider lips will give a fullness not previously seen.  This is very nice, unique hybrid, and a first in spotted Cattleya breeding.  Not to be missed! Check out this first to bloom Picture
3” pots $12

SVO 6437 t
C. New Hybrid (C. Loddiglossa f. coerulea 'SVO Blues' x C. Interglossa f. coerulea aquinii 'SVO')

Loddiglossa (C. amethystoglossa x C. loddigesii) has a many-flowered, upright infloresence.  Flowers are light coerulea with a few blue spots and a dark slate blue lip.  Interglossa (C. intermedia x C. amethystoglossa) is a coerulea aquinii or blue flared flower, and it breeding potential is very exciting.  Have you ever imagined a flower with coerulea sepals peppered with blue spots and petals flared in blue? Neither did I, until recently.  The best of these are going to be very special - don't miss out!  This group of plants has been treated (t) to produce plants with higher ploidy.
3” pots $25

SVO 6565      
Lc. New Hybrid (Lc. Cornelia coerulea 'Floralia' x Lc. Mini Purple 'Blue Pacific' 4N)

What?! Only three coerulea (blue) hybrids offered this year?  Well, I guess there are some spotted blues, too…  Cornelia (C. labiata x L. pumila) 'Floralia' is of Brazilian origin and has excellent color plus a large flower almost 6” across on a plant only 8” tall!  This plant of Mini Purple (C. walkeriana x C. pumila) 'Blue Pacific' came from a meristem mutation that originated at Suwada Orchid Nursery in Japan. It has excellent flower size, shape, substance and a blooming habit far superior to others.  Both parents have a history of developing great offspring, and combined they will be amazing!  Expect large, full-shaped flowers in coerulea with darker blue lips, carried on small plants only 6-7” tall that bloom twice a year. I can't wait to see the first of these bloom!
3” pots $15



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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