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The mini-cats are plants that will stay under 6” tall and bloom in a 3”-4” pot. It is not uncommon for mini-cats to bloom twice a year. The modern breeding has developed surprisingly nice improvements where the plants are heat tolerant, produce large flowers, have brilliant colors and superb flower shape.  There is always space for one more of these in every collection. 

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SVO 6285      
Slc. Dream Weaver (Slc. Fire Fantasy 'H&R' x Sc. Beaufort 'Harford's Elmwood 4-N' AM/AOS)

Dream Weavers are true mini-catts with lots of charm.  The flowers come in glowing sunset colors with red flares.  These will bloom in 3” pots, and the plants will grow to specimens in 4” pots, here is a picture of a first bloom Picture. 
3” pots $14

SVO 6411      
Pot. Loud Nine (Pot. Rubescence 'SVO' AM/AOS x Sl. Orpetii 'Kathleen' AM/AOS)

I was on 'Cloud Nine' when the first of these bloomed! It is an easy-growing, free-flowering  mini-catt with exceptionally full flower shape and dark red color.  Truly excellent!  Rubescence (Blc. Oconee x Slc. Seagulls Apricot) and Orpetii (Soph. coccinea x L. pumila) make the perfect couple in this mating.  There's not much more to say – this is just an excellent solid red cross, with excellent shape!  Look at this Picture  and this Picture , a superb mini-catt cross
3” pots $15

SVO 6588      
Slc. NEW HYBRID (Slc. Angel's Fantasy 'Solar Flare' FCC/AOS x Sc. Beaufort 'Luna Rousse')

Angel's Fantasy is particularly nice!  The flowers are just spectacular, and the FCC/AOS award says a lot about the flower quality.  This plant is also a good grower and flowers twice a year. Beaufort has a long history of breeding excellent mini-catts and is one of the most important mini breeders, as it produces reliably high-quality offspring.  The flowers of this cross will have excellent round shape in sunset colors many with dark red flares.  These will bloom in 3” pots twice a year.  Everyone has space for one these! First to bloom plant, super nice!   Pic 1
3” pots $14

SVO 6696      
Pot. NEW HYBRID (Pot. Golden Circle 'OPRL' x Slc. Cosmic Delite 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

Golden Circle (Blc. Goldenzelle x Slc. Circle of Life) has superb form with 3.5” orange flowers and red lips that are produced twice a year on 6” tall plants.  Its breeding reputation is well documented.  Cosmic Delite (Slc. Bright Angel x Sc. Batemanniana) is a mini-catt with amazing flower color - yellow with a bold red overlay of red flaring.  The expectation here is for excellent shape, with many having red flaring.  Fantastic color possibilities with this mini-catt. Here is a Picture of the first to bloom, it's super cute.
3” pots $14

SVO 6734      
Slc. Lady Rebecca (Slc. Purple Doll 'Midnight Velvet' AM/AOS x Lc. Tydea '5 by 7')

Purple Doll (Slc. Pink Doll x Lc. Mini Purple) has been an excellent cross, and the cultivar 'Midnight Velvet' is an amazing bloomer.  Mature plants continually produce new growths, flowering 3-4 times a year.  On top of that, the color is an eye-catching, intense, velvety magenta-purple, and the flower form is full and flat.  Here, this excellent cultivar is combined with the beautifully formed flower of Tydea (C. trianae 'Cashens' FCC/AOS x L. pumila 'SVO' HCC/AOS)  '5 by 7' is surprisingly large, with 5” blooms on a 7” tall plant!  This new cross has huge potential for deep purple flower color, with wide well-formed petals, flat flowers, large full-shaped lips and big blooms on a very small plant.  These are going to have flower size and shape resembling a standard Cattleya, but the plants will be 5-7” tall!!! This is the first plant to flower, wow great color!  Pic
3” pots $16

SVO 6960      
Pot. NEW HYBRID (Pot. Hisako Jewel 'SVO' x Slc. Cosmic Delite 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

Hisako Jewel (Pot. Hisako Akatsuka x Slc. Scarlet Jewel) is a small growing plant with large, brilliant, true red flowers with a red lip and lots of yellow in the throat.  This yellow throat is important here, since it will combine with the flared flowers of Cosmic Delite (Slc. Bright Angel x Sc. Batemaniana).  Most of the offspring should produce especially showy flowers in red with yellow central splashes.  Here is a Picture of the first to bloom!!!
3” pots $15



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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