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Sunset Valley Orchids 2017 Sarcochilus list

Sarcochilus are native to Australia and have been grown by hobbyists there for many years; they are very popular and easy to grow.
During my first visit to Australia in 2011, I was fortunate to meet several breeders, who were doing a magnificent job breeding new “high color” Sarcochilus. These high color forms are still not readily available in the USA - they’re one of Australia’s best kept secrets! Back then, I was surprised to see how good these plants were, and I started bring flasks back to the US. Six years have elapsed, and I must say that the quality of the current breeding is just fantastic. There have been impressive improvements in flower color, size, number of inflorescences per fan and quickness to first flowering.

This past spring, many plants from SVO were awarded by American Orchid Society judges.

I have carefully selected hybrids that appear to be most promising, with good color, compact plant habit, and quickness to bloom.  All will flower in 3” pots.  These Australian gems will flower from April through early May, just in time for Mother’s Day.

This year there are several very special hybrids with excellent potential to produce some amazing flower colors in yellow and orange!!!   
This is the most significant offering of “high color” Sarcochilus breeding in the USA!   Don’t miss out…

Growing tips for Sarcochilus
Here are the basic requirements for moisture, temperature and light needed for good culture:

  • Sarcochilus need to be watered in a way to keep the medium slightly moist.  They don't have pseudobulbs to store water, so it's the leaves and roots that are responsible for this function.  I water them every 2-3 days in summer and once a week in winter.  Sarcochilus need a well-drained open potting medium, as watering will be frequent. I have found a mix of medium orchid bark and perlite to be ideal. Fertilize every watering with ¼ tsp. fertilizer per gallon of water.
  • The summer temperatures should range from 75-85 degrees during the day and 60-70 degrees at night, with winter temperatures of 60-75 degree days and 45-55 degree nights. Plants prefer light levels of 1500 to 2000 foot candles (fc). In the peak of summer under hot humid conditions, plants benefit from increased shading, air movement and watering, as this helps to keep them cool and hydrated.


Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Fairy 'Scarlet' x Sarco. Bunyip 'Forest Fruit')

The combination of our most productive red, Fairy ‘Scarlet,’ with Bunyip ‘Forrest Fruits,’ which carries recessive red genes. This cross will produce long stems with a profusion of red flowers. Some will be deep pink, and a few will be patterned in darker pink.
3” pots $18    

Sarco. Kulnura Talent (Sarco. Elegance 'MSG'x Sarco. Kulnura Dazzel 'F1')

Elegance ‘MSG’ is from the sibling cross of two excellent cultivars of Elegance. It has full overlapping form and solid pink flowers. By combining ‘MSG’ with Kulnura Dazzel, we are intensifying the genes for deep pink color, and there’s a slight chance of some plants with red flowers.  Expect full-shaped pinks and some patterned flowers on upright stems. As an added bonus, the plants will be very productive.
3” pots $18

Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Need '7 spikes' x Sarco. Kulnura Euphoria 'Underlay')

Good orange colored Sarcochilus flower breeding is developing rapidly. With this promising cross, we have combined the deep orange of '7 spikes' with the subtle pink-orange of ‘Underlay’.  The expectation is for significantly improved flower form with highly desirable orange colors. A few reds will also result from this mating.           
3” pots $25

Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco.Hiccup 'Big Marble Late' x Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Red')

This is the sort of cross that gets you up in the morning and represents a fantastic development of red-flowered Sarcochilus! Hiccup has a very large flower. By combining it with this Kulnura Intensity we will see some serious improvement in flower size while keeping the red flower color.  The first of these to bloom have proven this prediction! Check out the picture.
3” pots $18 



SVO C061
Sarco. NEW HYBRID (Sarco. Kulnura Rusty 'Mottle Salmon Red' x Sarco. Kulnura Firemist 'Red Tip' )

These have Bunyip on both sides as grandparents, which means that we're going to see above average results. Expect fuller flower form on long arching stems. This grex should produce a high percentage of red flowers, with a chance of alba yellow (Bunyip carries alba genes).  First to bloom picture 3348  Blooming size
3” pots $20

SVO 5929
Sarco. NEW HYBRID (Sarco. Jozie 'Ruben's  Red' x Sarco. Fiery Glow 'SVO Red Gem')

‘Ruben’s Red’ is an intense red color and the Firey Glow is equally amazing, this superb combination is designed to produce solid red colors.  These are vigorous growing plants that will develop multiple spikes.
3” pots $20

SVO 5932
Sarco. NEW HYBRID (Sarco. Firey  Glow 'SVO Red Hot' x Sarco. (Sweethart x Fitzhart) 'Spectacular')

This is similar to SVO 5927 and SVO 5933.  The prediction is for most of these to be solid bright reds with a few spotted.  Expect excellent form and multiple flower spikes.  These plants started blooming at a young and will quickly develop into free flowering mature plants.
First to bloom Pic 1Pic 2
3” pots $20

SVO 5933
Sarco. NEW HYBRID(Sarco. (Sweethart x Fitzhart) 'Spectacular' x Sarco. Firey Glow 'Red Gem')

The reciprocal cross is SVO 5927. Most of these will be solid bright reds but a few will be spotted red.  Expect excellent form and multiple flower spikes.  These plants started blooming at a young and will quickly develop into nice free flowering mature plants.  This has been a very successful hybrid for flower color and form. First to bloom Pic 1,   Pic 2
3” pots $20







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