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Cattleya Species

Collecting select and awarded Cattleya species has been a passion of mine for many years. The collection now contains over 700 selected plants!  Recently, I started breeding the “best of the best” in an effort to provide these superior and often hard to find Cattleya species available for the hobbyist.


SVO 5725
C. labiata f. rubra (C. labiata f. rubra 'Fertigo' SM/JOGA x C. labiata f. rubra 'Kimberly Bennett' HCC/AOS)

These are forma rubra, the darkest purple color form of labiata.  These plants look amazing and are exhibiting excellent plant vigor, important when growing species. They bloom in September and October and will provide great fall color in you growing area, when not many other Cattleyas are in flower.  The parents are two outstanding cultivars, and the progeny will be excellent!
3” pots $15

SVO 6399   NEW
L. tenebrosa (L. tenebrosa 'Boa Forma Negro' x L. tenebrosa 'None Darker')

'Boa Forma Negro' is a selected plant from Brazil, with good form and very dark color. 'None Darker' had deeply colored petals and sepals, some of the darkest red-bronze colors I have seen in a tenebrosa.  These are showing excellent vigor.  Expect dark colored flowers on strong growing plants.
3” pots $15


** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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