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Cattleya Species

Collecting select and awarded Cattleya species has been a passion of mine for many years. The collection now contains over 700 selected plants!  Recently, I started breeding the “best of the best” in an effort to provide these superior and often hard to find Cattleya species available for the hobbyist.

SVO 5909      
C. intermedia v. orlata (C. intermedia v. orlata 'SVO' x C. intermedia v. orlata 'Ruby Lipstick')

I really like the orlata form of C. intermedia!  The red rim around the lip margin is spectacular against the light pink flower.  These are growing really well and showing good vigor, and they'll mature quickly.  A very good spring bloomer and definitely worth having in any collection!
3” pots $18

SVO 6196
C. warscewiczii (C. warscewiczii 'Halo' AM/AOS x C. warscewiczii 'Michael' AM/AOS)

'Halo' is a strong-growing plant that produces 4-5 flowers of excellent size with nicely balanced petal shape.  'Michael' has great form, with large 7.5” flowers, and grows well; its roots appear to be a bit more robust, too.  These are  growing well, and I expect good stems with 4-5 large well-shaped lavender flowers and full-formed lips with two yellow 'eyes' in the throat. This is a 'top' modern offering of this desirable species.
3” pots $20

SVO 6440      NEW
C. kerrii 'Pink Leprechaun' x self

These are like mini C. harrisoniana…well, almost.  Soft pink flowers with white lips on plants that mature at 8” tall and produce nice heads of 4-6 blooms.  'Pink Leprechaun' has a full-formed flower for the species and the plant is very vigorous, thus the selfing instead of a sib cross.
3” pots $18

SVO 6479
L. pumila (L. pumila 'SVO' HCC/AOS x L. pumila 'Big Ben' AM/AOS)

The flower color of 'SVO' is amazing: a solid dark violet-purple that's so dark the petals are almost the same color as the lip!  'Big Ben' has a large dark flower, and the plant is an excellent grower that flowers twice a year.  Excellent genetics combined here to produce great color, size and ease of growth.  Plants will flower in 3” pots! 
3” pots $20

SVO 6813      
C. leopoldii (C. leopoldii 'SVO Prince' x C leopoldii 'Paul' AM/AOS)

Breeding bifoliate Cattleya species requires that only the best parental stock be used, as the plants are slow to mature. These two superior parents make an exceptionally fine pairing. 'SVO Prince' has remarkable flower color, shape and substance; I consider it to be the best of my leopoldii. 'Paul' is particularly nice, producing very dark chocolate flowers with darker spots and a shapely lip. These will take a while to mature, but let me assure you that this cross was made with some of the finest leopoldii parent plants available. If you want the very best, these seedlings will be worth the wait. A few tips on growing these. They root just after the new growth matures in summer, and it's best to repot at this time. These require a winter rest period, so water sparingly from late November through April. I water once every 14 -18 days during this time period.
3” pots $18

SVO 6842T
C. warscewiczii (C. warscewiczii 'Alexander's Var.' x C. warscewiczii 'Michael' AM/AOS)

This has to be my favorite labiate Cattleya species: tall plants, huge flowers, and beautiful lips – what more could a grower want?  I have been carefully collecting these for years and selecting the best quality flowers and plants for vigor, an important consideration with warscewiczii, as they are a bit slow to mature.  'Alexander's Var.' is a strong-growing plant producing a higher-than-average flower count, with as many as 7-8 blooms per stem.  'Michael' has great form with large 7.5” flowers and grows well; its roots and root system appear to be a bit more robust, too.  These are growing well, and I expect good stems holding 4-7 large lavender flowers, with full-formed lips and two yellow 'eyes' in the throat.  This desirable Cattleya species is not often seen for sale and can be very expensive when available.  These plants have been treated (T) with Oryzalin, a chemical used to convert diploids into tetraploids.  These have phenomenal potential to produce 4N C. warscewiczii - really fantastic!
3” pots $25



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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