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Speaker Info

Talks Available

Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetums recent trends
A review of the amazing world of Catasetinae, a lively and entertaining presentation, amazing pictures and the making of Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘the blackest orchid seen' also includes a thorough review of plant culture. A PowerPoint presentation.

Trends in Multifloral Paphiopedilums section Coryopedilum"
A review of the influential species, primary and advanced hybrids in this section. This talk is a summary of the current state in multifloral breeding. A PowerPoint presentation.

"Multifloral Paphiopedilums with Parvi and Brachy influence"
A review of the influential species, primary and advanced hybrids of this amazing group. This talk is a summary of the current breeding trends using the Brachypetalum and Parvisepalum species with multifloral paphs. A PowerPoint presentation.

“Growing with Diatomite and Plant Culture”
Diatomite has remarkable properties; here its use as a potting mix is explained. Also a new twist on plant culture is reviewed; learn some key techniques to succeed in growing your orchids to their maximum potential. A PowerPoint presentation.

Catasetinae Species and their Cultivation
The species Catasetums, Mormodes and Cycnoches are reviewed, male and female flowers and a complete plant culture section. A PowerPoint presentation.

Venezuela's National Flower, Cattleya mossiae
A beautiful expose of C. mossiae in the wild, amazing pictures of thousands of flowers covering the trees. Learn about the habitat and the perils that await C. mossiae. A PowerPoint presentation.

Judging Cycnoches, Mormodes and their Hybrids
Designed as an AOS judges training tool, this talk will familiarize you with the current judging standards, commonly found faults and how to approach awarding male and female flowers. A thorough and thought provoking discussion on an interesting group of orchids. A PowerPoint presentation.

Judging Mini-Catts”
Designed as an AOS judges training tool, this talk will familiarize you with the recent AOS awards, current judging standards, and commonly found faults. Fantastic picture of Mini-catt breeding trends from around the world. A PowerPoint presentation.

“Today’s Mini and Compact Cattleya’s”
A detailed look at the species and latest developments in the breeding and growing of these colorful flowers, A PowerPoint presentation.

Learn about this amazing group of species and hybrids. You may be aware of Bulbophyllums but have you grown them? They make excellent companion plants with Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilums. Little hybridization has been done but the results have been fantastic. A PowerPoint presentation.

“Aussie Dendrobiums and their Cultivation”
Our friends down under have been breeding their native Dendrobiums and creating some fantastic flowers, the word is out!   Aussie Dens are easy to grow, tolerant of heat and cold, have fragrant flowers, and re-bloom from the old bulbs!!!  They grow well with Cattleyas and in frost free areas they are perfect plants for the shade house.  A PowerPoint presentation.

“Judging Australian Native Dendrobium Species and Hybrids”
Designed as a training tool for AOS judges, this talk covers the most important species and hybrids in the Australian Native Dendrobium alliance.  Learn about the current judging standard and common faults and how best to evaluate and point these beautiful flowers. A PowerPoint presentation.



Speaking and Show Schedule for 2017


2017 Speaking and Show Schedule

  • Cool Growing Orchid Society, California, Feb 8 
  • Riverside San Bernardino Orchid Society, California, Feb 9th
  • Las Vegas Orchid Society, Nevada, Feb 12th
  • North West Orchid Society, Washington, Feb 13th
  • Mount Baker Orchid Society, Washington, Feb 14th
  • San Gabriel Valley Orchid Club, California Feb 16th  
  • Ipswich Orchid Society, Australia, June 7th
  • OSSV Melbourne, Australia, June 12th
  • Bairnsdale Orchid Society, Australia, June 14th
  • Launceston Orchid Society, Tasmania, June15th
  • Sunset Valley Orchid Open House, July 1st  
  • Ohio Valley Seminar, Cincinnati,  July 8th
  • Triad Orchid Society, North Carolina, Aug 13th
  • Triangle Orchid Society , North Carolina, Aug 14th
  • Sandhills Orchid Society , North Carolina, Aug 15th
  • Cape Fear Orchid Society , North Carolina, Aug 16th
  • Portland Orchid Society, Oregon, Aug  22nd
  • Coral Gables Orchid Society, Florida, Sept 5th
  • Venice Orchid Society, Florida Sept 6th
  • Utah Orchid Society, Salt Lake City, Oct 9th
  • Denver Orchid Society, Colorado,Oct 10th
  • Greater Omaha Orchid society, Oct. 11th
  • St. Louis Orchid Society, Missouri, Oct 13th
  • Edmonton Orchid Society, Canada, Oct 22nd
  • Calgary Orchid Society, Canada, Oct 23rd
  • Cherry City Orchid Society, Oregon, Nov 8th
  • Sunset Valley Orchid Open House, Dec 2nd

1255 Navel Place
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 310-0778


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