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Coerulea (blue) Cattleyas

In Cattleyas the ‘coerulea’ color or ‘blue’ as it is referred to, is very intriguing and rare in nature. In the early years of blue breeding there were not many known species, so breeding was limited to a few possibilities. Today, we have many species and hybrids to breed with, and the quality of blue flowers has been improving rapidly. Don’t miss the spotted blue crosses…These are a great addition for the discriminating collector.

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SVO 7578t
C. Mrs. Mahler (C. bicolor f. coerulea 'SVO Blue Lip' x C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS)

Mrs. Mahler ‘Mem. Fred Tompkins’ AM/CCM/AOS is an iconic plant. So what could be better? How about the coerulea from? This has to be a first in the history of breeding.  Tall plants have impressive heads of light blue flowers, some spotted, with a dark-blue lip. These protocorms were treated (t) with oryzalin, a chemical effective in causing a doubling of chromosomes. The hope is that some of these will be tetraploids, and the ones that are will be highly desirable. 
3” pots $20

C. bicolor f. coerulea 'SVO Blue lip' C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS


SVO 8022t 
C. NEW HYBRID (C. warscewiczii f. coerulea 'Ituango' AM/AOS x C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS)

It’s almost impossible to believe that this grex has not been registered. Flowers from this cross will resemble those of C. Atalanta (C. warscewiczii v. alba x C. guttata v. alba) , but these will be in coerulea. It’s so cool to be able to make this hybrid with coerulea parents - definitely a “must have!” On top of that, the protocorms were treated (t) with oryzalin, increasing the chances that some of these will be tetraploid.
3” pots $25

C. warscewiczii f. coerulea 'Ituango' AM/AOS C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS


SVO 8173
Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Floralia's Azul 'Sandra' AM/AOS x Lc. Ellery Tomaszkiewicz 'SVO Blue Star' AM/AOS)

At SVO we are always looking for the ideal cross: a vigorous grower that blooms well with excellent flower shape and color. Our compact blue breeding toward this goal is coming along very nicely. Floralia's Azul (Lc. Mem. Jack Hayden x C. walkeriana) has proven to be an important breeder of blues. Its fine shape, color and free-flowering habit are strong points. Ellery Tomaszkiewicz (Lc. Love Knot x C. warneri) is an excellent cross, with large flower size and high flower count from the warneri parent and small plant size with flat flowers coming from the Love Knot. This grex will have coerulea flowers that are flat and well-shaped, presented 3-4 on good stems. Flowers will be large in relation to the plant size, and I expect twice-a-year blooming.
3” pots $16

Lc. Floralia's Azul 'Sandra' AM/AOS Lc. Ellery Tomaszkiewicz 'SVO Blue Star' AM/AOS


SVO 9229
Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Marcello Miranda 'SVO' x C. Minerva  'Gran Wisteria')

Lc. Marcello Miranda (L. caulescens x C. labiata) is an unusual blue hybrid, and the rupicolous Laelia caulescens strongly influences the plant habit. Compact upright growths produce sturdy, wiry stems of 5-7 flowers. Minerva (C. bowringiana x C. loddigesii) is a hybrid of two compatible coerulea parents, and ‘Gran Wisteria’ produces 7-8 nicely-colored coerulea flowers with a dark wisteria-blue lip. This cross will produce compact-growing plants influenced by the rupicolous Laelia, with sturdy stems carrying 6-8 flowers just above the leaves. Flower color will be coerulea with darker blue lips and a contrasting yellow throat.
3” pots $16

Lc. Marcello Miranda 'SVO' C. Minerva  'Blue Lagoon'


SVO 9245
Lc. Tiny Blue (Lc. Mini Purple 'H&R' 4n x Lc. Mini Blue Star 'SVO Blues' HCC/AOS)

Mini Purple (L. pumila x C. walkeriana) coerulea has been an influential parent in breeding blue mini-Catts. The cultivar ‘H&R’ is a meristem mutation found in a population of clones in Japan. The Mini Blue Star is our cross of (Lc. Cornelia ‘Floralia’ x Lc. Mini Purple ‘H&R’ 4n). It’s an outstanding grex with light-coerulea petals and sepals, a dark-blue lip and a yellow throat. Backcrossing to its parent Mini Purple will reinforce and darken the coerulea color of the petals and sepals, maintaining the dark lip with yellow throat. The plants will be mini-Catts standing 6” tall with flowers 3” across or larger.
3” pots $16

Lc. Mini Purple 'H&R' 4n Lc. Mini Blue Star 'SVO Blues' HCC/AOS


SVO 9247
Lc. Hina Murasakino (Lc. Love Knot 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Lc. Mini Blue Star 'SVO Blues' HCC/AOS)

We were so happy with the high-quality results of Lc. Mini Blue Star that it was natural to pair it with another proven blue breeder, Love Knot (L. sincorana x C. walkeriana).  This mini-Catt will have flowers 3” plus across on plants 4-5” tall! The flowers will be light coerulea with a darker-blue lip and contrasting yellow throat.
3” pots $16

Lc. Love Knot 'SVO' HCC/AOS Lc. Mini Blue Star 'SVO Blues' HCC/AOS


SVO 9520
Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Indigo Valentine 'Indigo Valentine' x C. mossiae f. coerulea '4N')

We have been contemplating making this cross, and when both plants bloomed at just the right time, well you know what happened. Indigo Valentine (Lc. Indigo Love x C. Valentine) has large 5” flowers with superb, large, dark-blue lips. Plants stands at just over 8” tall. This C. mossiae f. coerulea is impressive, with 5 flowers measuring over 7” across. Its great substance and beautiful lip make this a uniquely nice cultivar. This cross will produce large 6” flowers with full, ruffled dark-blue lips. We expect 3-4 flowers on plants 10-12” tall.
3” pots $16

Lc. Indigo Valentine 'Indigo Valentine' C. mossiae f. coerulea '4N'





** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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