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Cattleya Species

If you're a collector looking for unique and highly sought-after Cattleya species, look no further. Sunset Valley Orchids has been collecting and breeding some of the finest cultivars available. Over the years, we have amassed over 700 selected species plants, including rare and desirable color forms that are not commonly available to hobbyists. We believe these plants represent the best of the best! Don't miss the opportunity to get these rare beauties.

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SVO 8039t   NEW
C. aclandiae f. alba (C. aclandiae f. alba 'SVO' AM/AOS x self)

I could not have a species Cattleya collection without C. aclandiae. Recently, some of the rare color forms have become available, so I had to have them, too. Yes – like you, I am afflicted with a passion for orchids! The alba color form of C. aclandiae is very rare in cultivation, and only a few plants were ever found in the wild. As a result, they have been prohibitively expensive, but we're about to change that. This is the only AM/AOS awarded to C. aclandiae f. alba, and the flower size and shape are outstanding, as is the plant, which blooms twice a year. The protocorms were treated with oryzalin with the goal of producing some plants that have converted to tetraploids.
3” pots $30

C. aclandiae f. alba 'SVO' AM/AOS self




SVO 8051t   NEW
C. lawrenceana f. flamea (C. lawrenceana f. flamea 'Ed Merkle' x self)

Thanks to Ed Merkle for making and sharing a seed capsule from his exceptional plant of C. lawrenceana f. flamea. The protocorms were treated with oryzalin (t), a chemical used to increase chromosome count and improve the possibility that some of these will be tetraploid.
3” pots $25

C. lawrenceana f. flamea 'Ed Merkle' self




SVO 8065t
B. perrinii (B. perrinii 'SVO 18' x B. perrinii 'Ruben')

B. perrinii 'Ruben' flowers with 25 blooms on a single stem, and 'SVO 18' carries up to 18 flowers. These plants are siblings, and both have exceptionally high flower counts, considering that this species usually blooms with 8-9 flowers per stem. When unusually high flower counts appear, it is often best to self the plant. In this case, we made a sibling cross, since 'SVO 18' had significantly better shape and a large lip (unfortunately I did not take a picture of 'SVO 18'). These are excellent when grown mounted or in hanging baskets. They grow well in the heat and humidity of summer and prefer to keep their roots dryer in winter. A must-have for you Brassavola collectors! These have been treated with oryzalin (t) to increase the potential for higher ploidy to the offspring.
3” pots $25

B. perrinii 'SVO 18 B. perrinii 'Ruben'


SVO 9547            
L. tenebrosa (L. tenebrosa 'Bill's Choice' x L. tenebrosa 'Windflower' AM/AOS)

This is one of my favorite species. The flowers are huge, and the best have outstanding red/bronze petals and sepals with a spectacular purple lip! 'Bill's Choice' is truly exceptional - the width of the petals and the lip color are off the charts! 'Windflower' is a very fine example of nearly perfect, flat petals with superb flower presentation on sturdy stems. An effective breeding technique is to match plants with different outstanding attributes, aiming for offspring that express the best traits of both parents.
3” pots $25

L. tenebrosa 'Bill's Choice' L. tenebrosa 'Windflower' AM/AOS


SVO 9662   NEW
C. labiata f. semi-alba (C. labiata f. s/a 'Select #1' x C. labiata f. s/a 'Select #2')

The semi-alba color form has white flowers with colored lips. We found this grex offered at Cal Orchid as as a sibling cross of C. labiata 'Serenity' and 'Bom Dia', both excellent parents. Here we have crossed our two best selections and are looking for outstanding flowers in this classic and highly desirable semi-alba color form. VERY LIMITED
3” pots $25

C. labiata f. s/a 'Select #1' C. labiata f. s/a 'Select #2'




SVO 9790            
C. walkeriana ( C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') x C. walkeriana 'Tokyo No.1' AM/AOS)

Semi-alba walkeriana are very collectable. This cross represents the next level in breeding this color form. Here we are using some of the finest breeding from H&R Nurseries. C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') has the slightest pink blush and a darker lip. Here this parent is combined with the famous and quite possibly still the best semi-alba, 'Tokyo #1' AM/AOS. We believe that this will lead to some very fine cultivars of the desirable semi-alba form. Some plants may produce lovely blush pink flowers with red lips.
3” pots $25

C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') C. walkeriana 'Tokyo No.1' AM/AOS


SVO 9903            
C. aclandiae (C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS x C. aclandiae 'Verde' AM/AOS)

Premium quality aclandiae cross! 'Gulfglade' is still one of the largest ever awarded at 10.5 cm natural spread, and 'Verde' has excellent shape with very flat segments. Top quality here!
3” pots $25

C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS C. aclandiae 'Verde' AM/AOS


SVO 9972t
C. warneri f. alba (C. warneri f. alba 'Claire' AM/AOS x C. warneri f. alba 'Newberry' AM/AOS)

The parents are outstanding and represent the best quality available today in the alba form of this species. Here is a great opportunity to possibly get a tetraploid warneri alba, as the protocorms were treated with oryzalin (t) to improve that possibility.
3” pots $30


L. anceps (L. anceps 'SanBar Gloriosa' FCC/AOS x L. anceps 'South Africa')

We have tried for years to set a capsule on the magnificent 'SanBar Gloriosa', and when we finally succeeded, the pollen parent was one of our best anceps. 'South Africa' has flower with excellent shape, and the large bloom size makes this even better! Expect 50% of the progeny to exhibit the f. lineata flower type.  These have huge potential to be spectacular.
3” pots $30

L. anceps 'SanBar Gloriosa' FCC/AOS L. anceps 'South Africa'


L. anceps (L. anceps 'Helen' HCC/AOS x L. anceps f. petaloid 'Jody')

Petaloid anceps are 'hot property'!  This grex combines the proven breeding characteristics of 'Helen' with 'Jody', the best of the petaloid types. Color will range from light pink to white, and about 50% of the progeny will express the petaloid form and produce 3-4 flowers. Very collectable.
3” pots $30

L. anceps 'Helen' HCC/AOS L. anceps f. petaloid 'Jody'


SVO 10426  NEW
B. appendiculata (B. appendiculata (cucullata) 'Select' x self)

For years, B. appendiculata has been labeled in most collections as B. cucullata. Brassavola appendiculata usually has 3-4 flowers, whereas cucullata carries one and rarely two flowers per stem. Flower shape is similar, though appendiculata has longer sepals and petals. These are perfect for mounting or baskets.
3” pots $20

B. appendiculata (cucullata) 'Select' self





** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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