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This is my first significant offering of Bulbophyllums. I have been carefully selecting the parents for good strong color, flower size, and compact growth habit. These hybrids will be the AOS awards of the future. Grow them under the same conditions as Phalaenopsis. They are excellent in the home, under lights, and in the greenhouse. If you do well with Phals these make perfect companion plants. These are well established in 2" pots and next summer will need to be potted up. A great price on some new breeding with superior parents.

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SVO 869

(Bulb. dearei 'Sunset Valley Orchids' x Bulb. carunculatum 'Sunset Red')

Compact growing plants, yellow flowers with red lips, 2-4 flowers per stem.

SVO 870

Bulb. Jersey (Bulb. lobbii ‘Kathy's Gold' AM/AOS x Bulb. facetum 'Gold Country'

The yellow lobbii crossed with the reddish purple facetum will intensify color. Expecting improved shape as well. Strong vigorous plants.

SVO 871

(Bulb. sumatrana 'Oh Baby' x Bulb. dearei 'Golden Boy')

Bulb. sumatrana has amazing color, intensify it with the deep yellow and red of dearei…… good shape as well.

SVO 888

(Bulb. Stars & Stripes 'Sunset Valley Orchids' HCC/AOS x Bulb. Jersey (Bulb. lobbii ‘Kathy's Gold' AM/AOS)

Bulb. Stars & Stripes is Bulb. (bicolor x lobbii) a nice yellow with red stripes x to lobbii will make large well shaped, yellow flowers and red stripes, should also have 2 flowers per inflorescence.

SVO 889

(Bulb. Wilmar Galaxy Star 'First' x Bulb. facetum 'Gold Country')

Wilmar Galaxy Star is Bulb.(dearei x lobbii) a free flowering yellow x to the reddish purple of facetum will make for good color and free blooming.

SVO 906

Bulb. Jersey (Bulb. lobbii ‘Kathy's Gold' AM/AOS x Bulb. echinolabium 'Sunset Valley Orchids' )

Nice hybrid getting a lot attention for it's big reddish flowers. A must have.

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.


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