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2022-2023 Paphiopedilum List


(Paph. Red Illusion 'JCA' AM/AOS x Paph. Macabre 'From OZ')

This cross is aimed at producing Macabre-like flowers with more red color in the petals, lip and dorsal sepal. These have been coming out really nice with striped dorsals, spotted petals with overlays of red, and red lips! The best of them will have the massive size of Orchid Zone Macabres and fine color.  Click PICTURE for an example of the flower quality, from the first to bloom from this grex.
4” pots $25

Paph. Red Illusion 'JCA' AM/AOS Paph. Macabre 'From OZ'

SVO 7134
(Paph. hirsutissimum v. alba 'SVO' x Paph. hirsutissimum v. alba 'Best Yet')

Here is a very choice color form of this desirable species.  The parents are highly selected; both have excellent plant vigor, clear green and white flower color and long stems. We have bred this species for four generations now; these are just fantastic. This is one of those “must haves” for the Paph connoisseur.
4” pots $40

Paph. hirsutissimum v. alba 'SVO' Paph. hirsutissimum v. alba 'Best Yet'

SVO 7915
Paph. Faire-Maud (Paph. fairrieanum 'SVO' x Paph. Maudiae 'Los Osos' AM/AOS)

Faire-Maud became one of the moist popular hybrids in the 80's and 90's, nor you rarely see offered.   Here we offer in two reciprocal crosses. Our fairrieanum strain has proven too be exceptional growers with great color Maudiae hybrids are easy to grow and flower, with mature plants blooming twice a year. 
4” pots $25

Paph. fairrieanum 'SVO' Paph. Maudiae 'Los Osos' AM/AOS

SVO 9751
(Paph. haynaldianum 'Red Wine' x Paph. haynaldianum 'New World')  
Here is another cross aiming to produce dark purple haynaldianums.  The best of these will have nearly solid purple dorsals and 5-7 flowers per stem.
4” pots $35

Paph. haynaldianum 'Red Wine' Paph. haynaldianum 'New World'



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.


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