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Sunset Valley Orchids 2022-2023 Sarcochilus list

Sarcochilus are native to Australia and have been popular with their hobbyists for many years.

During my visits there, I met Scott Barrie who is the top breeder of the new “high color” Sarcochilus. His passion in breeding has produced the most amazing flower colors in: pinks, reds, yellows, orange, salmon, and purples. His work has set a “New Standard” of quality for the genus.  With Scott’s help we have carefully selected the best of the new crosses and I am pleased to offer these Australian jewels to you.  Sarcochilus are quick to bloom with charming floral qualities, their compact growth habit (flowering in 3” pots) makes them perfect for small spaces and they flower in May, just in time for Mother’s Day! 

Sarcochilus have come of age and these new hybrids are really special. It is time to discover what so many Australian hobbyists already know!



Growing tips for Sarcochilus
Here are the basic requirements for moisture, temperature and light needed for good culture:

  • Sarcochilus need to be watered in a way to keep the medium slightly moist.  They don't have pseudobulbs to store water, so it's the leaves and roots that are responsible for this function.  I water them every 2-3 days in summer and once a week in winter.  Sarcochilus need a well-drained open potting medium, as watering will be frequent. I have found a mix of medium orchid bark and perlite to be ideal. Fertilize every watering with ¼ tsp. fertilizer per gallon of water.
  • The summer temperatures should range from 75-85 degrees during the day and 60-70 degrees at night, with winter temperatures of 60-75 degree days and 45-55 degree nights. Plants prefer light levels of 1500 to 2000 foot candles (fc). In the peak of summer under hot humid conditions, plants benefit from increased shading, air movement and watering, as this helps to keep them cool and hydrated.


Sarco. Kulnura Ballerina 'Rod' x Sarco. Kulnura Treasure 'Rich Boysenberry'
Our early flowering Sarcs have been a huge success. This breeding line can add an extra 3 weeks to your flowering season! In this hybrid we are building on the pure red success of Kulnura Ballerina by combining it with Kulnura Treasure (Kulnura Dragonfly x Kulnura Festival) to bring improved shape to early red Sarcochilus. Expect pink and red flowers in profusion from compact plants.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Ballerina 'Rod' Sarco. Kulnura Treasure 'Rich Boysenberry'


Sarco. Bunyip 'Forest Fruit' x Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'
Remake of Kulnura Absolute! Bunyip 'Forest Fruit' has been my most use Bunyip for hybridisation. It has fantastic large flowers of thick substance and full shape. But, most importantly, the traits it most readily passes on is robust growth and flower presentation. While Sweetheart 'Speckles' has featured in every series of my Sarc hybrids since 2004. It makes imposing flowers of full form, while letting the other parent express the range of colour potential. You want some of these!
3” pots $20

Sarco. Bunyip 'Forest Fruit' Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'


Sarco. Kulnura Spice 'Halo' AM-AD/AOC x Sarco. Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Pure Gold'
I love to test a theory! The prediction for this cross is red in varying forms, solid, splattered and wave. The use of Kulnura Kaliedescope in intended to bring out the red genes that they carry. The alba yellow that is shown in 'Pure Gold' will be hidden. Do not expect any yellows from this cross. These seedlings will be very compact plants with arching spikes. Very exciting plants to flower.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Spice 'Halo' AM-AD/AOC Sarco. Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Pure Gold'


Sarco. Kulnura Maestro 'Peach' x Sarco. Kulnura Opus 'Vision'
Are you looking for the latest in Sarcochilus? This combination pushes the boundary of our orange breeding development as it brings two lines together for the first time. Expect a range of solid shades from pink through to orange with full formed shape. There is the added interest of some dark foliaged plants in this cross from Kulnura Maestro.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Maestro 'Peach' Sarco. Kulnura Opus 'Vision'


Sarco. Heidi 'Clarity'x Sarco. Kulnura Snowflake 'Freeby'
We have been developing white Sarcochilus with almost no other colour in the flower for some time. This is the latest in that line. Expect, large, crystal clean white flowers on tall spikes. The added bonus from this cross is the exceptional spike production, these will cover themselves in flowers. Recommended for high quality show flowers.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Heidi 'Clarity' Sarco. Kulnura Snowflake 'Freeby'


Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Mottle Base' x Sarco. Kulnura Drive '4 black'
Two of our best and proven red breeding parents. 'Mottle Base' is the parent of the exceptional red grex Kulnura Fireball, and '4 black' is the parent of Kulnura Rage. This is a match that cannot be missed. Expect vibrant reds on upright stems from compact plants.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Mottle Base' Sarco. Kulnura Drive '4 black'


Sarco. Kulnura Now 'Dreamer' x Sarco. Maria 'Purple Star'
Totally next level from this cross. Kulnura Now 'Dreamer' is Bunyip x Kulnura Dragonfly and we can see the influence of this pedigree in the 'Dreamer's large size, filled in shape and great colour patterning. Maria has shown itself to be an outstanding parent of large filled in flowers. Expect the highest quality flowers displayed on long decorative stems from strong and robust plants. My pick.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Now 'Dreamer' Sarco. Maria 'Purple Star'


Sarco. Kulnura Mission 'Goldicot' x Sarco. Roberta 'Favourite'
The entire Kulnura Mission grex were flowering machines! Great yellow shades and amazing spike production. In crossing 'Goldicot' with Roberta 'Favourite' we are looking to impart fuller form into this high production breeding line and get some super deep yellows.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Mission 'Goldicot' Sarco. Roberta 'Favourite'


Sarco. Kulnura Taser 'Oh My' x Sarco. Kulnura Opus 'Vision'
This is the very latest in orange development. It's hard not to be excited when thinking of this cross. First, we will see good orange flowers. We have flowered enough orange crosses to know that. Second, we will see a leap in then shape quality of orange flowers. They tend to be quite open shaped. Third, is the potential for new tones to come from a combination like this. Whether the ancestry will give rise to a similar mix like the Kulnura Kaliedescope or Kulnura Taser. Exciting!
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Taser 'Oh My' Sarco. Kulnura Opus 'Vision'


Sarco. Kulnura Wild 'Pani' x Sarco. Kulnura Khaleesi 'Special'
Kulnura Khaleesi is an excellent example of two toned yellow, dark centre and lighter outer portion (hard to see in the photo). From this cross we will see 100% yellow and I expect to see mostly patterned flowers with a hope of more two-toned flowers. The flower quality should be very high.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Wild 'Pani' Sarco. Kulnura Khaleesi 'Special'


Sarco. Roberta 'Good Yellow' x Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'
Roberta 'Good Yellow' has a wonderful presence, large flower with good patterning. In this cross we will not see any yellow. We will see exceptional, full formed, patterned flowers. Very much reminiscent of the famous Kulnura Dragonfly. Plants will be robust growers with upright spikes. Recommended.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Roberta 'Good Yellow' Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles'


Sarco. Duno Nicky's Twin 'VooDoo' AM/AOC x Sarco. Kulnura Exquisite 'Barrita'
These are going to be awesome! When you look at what DNT 'VooDoo' has made in the past it is hard not to put it very high in the all-time greatest parents. These may well have reduced fertility as many of its progeny do. Full shape. Large size. Long arching stems. Colours will range from full red through speckled red to pink shades. You should grow as many of these as you can.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Duno Nicky's Twin 'VooDoo' AM/AOC Sarco. Kulnura Exquisite 'Barrita'


Sarco. Kulnura Gallery 'Custard' x Sarco. Kulnura Cool 'Lemon Delight'
Simply spectacular! Wonderful example of two tone yellow, dark centre with lighter outer portion of the segments, we should see quite a range of this colour style from this cross. Both parents have excellent pedigrees for full shape, and we will see high quality offspring from them. Stems will be gracefully arching for those who prefer that style. Very highly recommended.
3” pots $20

Sarco. Kulnura Gallery 'Custard' Sarco. Kulnura Cool 'Lemon Delight'






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