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The mini-cats are plants that will stay under 6” tall and bloom in a 3-4” pot. It is not uncommon for mini-cats to bloom twice a year and occasionally three times a year. Mini-cats, although not as popular as they were in the 80’s and 90’s, still command attention and are making a comeback. The modern breeding has developed plants that are heat tolerant, produce larger flowers, brilliant colors and with superb shape. Some of the excellent parents being used are: Sc. Beaufort, Slc. Tangerine Jewel, Sl. Minipet, and Lc. Mini Purple. There is always space for one or two more of these brightly colored mini-cats in every collection.


SVO 1544

Slc. Mini Apricot (Slc. California Apricot 'Orange Circle' HCC/AOS x Sl. Minipet 'SVO' )

This is our 3rd remake of this wonderful mini-cat! The first crosses produced a limited number of seedlings, from these we flowered some wonderful full shaped reds. Look for 3” flowers that are very round in shades or orange to crimson red. Pictures of the first to bloom 1248, 1469

SVO 1718

Pot. Golden Circle 'Summer Fun' x L. alaorii 'SVO' HCC/AOS

This is a very novel cross utilizing the miniature L. alaorii. There have only been a few hybrids made with alaorii and mostly with other species. This is the first pairing with a complex hybrid! Golden Circle (Slc. Circle of Life x Blc. Goldenzelle) is a compact grower with very full shaped orange flowers with red lips. These will be very compact with very round flowers in shades of lavender to orange.

SVO 1770

C. aclandiae var. coerulea 'Blue Sky' HCC/AOS x C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS

The aclandiae v. coerulea is considered very rare with its dark blue lip. We’ve crossed it back to its mother ‘Gulfglade’ with one of the largest flowers seen in C. aclandiae. Although a few may be in the coerulea shades I expect most to be typical in color. Both parents are vigorous growers and the progeny are growing well, ready to be mounted.

SVO 1903

Pot. Martha Clarke 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Sc. Beaufort 'Luna Rousse'

Martha Clarke (Blc. Love Sound x Slc. Circle of Life) has the good qualities in a compact Cattleya; great color, shape, flower arrangement and plant habit. We have paired it with the mini-cat Sc. Beaufort (S. coccinea x C. luteola) a well known and popular breeder. These will be nice yellows and oranges, with possible red tip flares, on very compact to mini plants.

SVO 1923

Lc. Cornelia var. coerulea 'Floralia' x Lc. Love Knot var. coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS

This is similar to a Japanese hybrid Lc. Mini Blue Star (Lc. Cornelia x Lc Mini Purple). There are just 4 species involved in this cross: Cornelia (L. pumila x C. labiata) and Love Knot (L. sincorana x C. walkeriana). These will be very compact to mini growing plants with nice coerulea blue flowers and darker blue lip. Here is a picture of the first to bloom 1464

SVO 1977

Pot. Pure Love (Blc. Love Sound 'Dogashima' AM/AOS x Slc. Seagulls Apricot 'Full Circle' )

We remade this due to the high quality of flowers resulting from the original cross which garnered 4 AOS awards. These are compact/mini growers with very round flowers in shades of yellow and orange, some with red tip flares. Very nice. Here are some pictures from the earlier cross 1459, 454, 455, 610

SVO 2014

Sc. Beaufort (C. luteola 'SVO' 4n x S. coccinea 'SVO' 4n)

Here is something not seen for a long time, a remake of Beaufort. I am sure the coccinea is a tetraploid. The luteola came from a batch of colchicine treated seedlings out of Gold Country Orchids and it appears in every way to have been converted. Hard to predict if these will be as nice as the 4n mutations like ‘Luna Rousse’, ‘Big Circle’, and ‘Harford’s Elmwood 4N’. I can hardly wait to see these bloom.

SVO 2102

Sc. Mini Collins 'Sherbet ' AM/JOGA x Sc. Beaufort 'Big Circle' 4n

Mini Collins is a hybrid of a standard white C. Michael Collins; with S. Arizona (S. brevipedunculata x S. coccinea) these have flowers over 3”, with very flat light pink blooms with darker petal tips. We’ve crossed it with Sc. Beaufort (S. coccinea x C. luteola) and expect very compact growers with pink to yellow round shaped flowers. A very cute mini-cat.

SVO 2103

Pot. Martha Clarke 'Amazing' x Slc. Precious Katie 'Sparkling Rubies' AM/AOS

We like using Martha Clarke (Slc. Circle of Life x Blc. Love Sound) for its strong stem, full shape, sunset colors and flares. Precious Katie (Slc. Precious Stones x Sl. Orpetii) is a crimson red mini-cat. We’re looking for orange to reds with possible red flares. Compact to mini growers.

SVO 2111

Slc. Mini Beau (Sc. Beaufort 'Big Circle' x Sl. Mini Pet 'SVO')

We continue to remake this cross as it consistently produces very nice mini-cats. There are just 3 species used in the hybrid: S. coccinea (3 times), C. luteola, and L. pumila. Expect orange to red flowers on very miniature plants that will bloom and mature in 3” pots. One of the first to bloom 1425

SVO 2115

Slc. Bright Angel ' 4n Roy T' x Sl. Mini Pet 'SVO'

This cross is highly recommended for the red mini-cat lover! Here we have combined Slc. Bright Angel (Slc. Precious Stones x S. coccinea) with the striking bright crimson red Sl. Minipet (Sl. Orpetii x S. coccinea). These will bloom like large round coccineas, but will be easier to grow! limited

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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