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I have been collecting select and awarded Cattleya species for many years and the collection is now well over 700 plants. High quality breeding of Cattleya species has been in short supply. I started breeding the best plants and flowers in an effort to supply these choice and often hard to find species to the hobbyist. Here are some of the first things to come from the lab with many more to follow in coming years.


SVO 1612

C. intermedia var. orlata 'Enid' x C. intermedia var. orlata ‘Superelative Thing'

This seed came from Greg Allikas in Florida, these are his two best ‘orlata’ forms mated together. Light pink petals and sepals with bright red lips. These are a very nice color variant of this species that bloom in March.

SVO 1613

C. jenmanii var. coerulea x sib

The seed also came from Greg Allikas. Coerulea varieties of Cattleya species are uncommon and much sought after. Here we have a selfing of one of Greg’s finest blue C. jenmanii. These are very limited.

SVO 1640

C. schroderae 'SVO' AM/AOS x self

C. schroderae is a wonderful species; it carries 3-4 flowers in shades of light pink, with a beautiful orange lip. Here we have selfed our best plant with the largest flowers ever awarded by the AOS.

SVO 1714

L. purpurata 'Tipo' AM/AOS x self

The cultivar ‘Tipo’ AM/AOS is the plant selfed by Stewarts Orchids that resulted in the spectacular L. purpurata ‘Mary Jo’ FCC/AOS. Here we have selfed it again, expect superior progeny.

SVO 1717

C. lueddemanniana 'Jim Elmore' AM/AOS x C. lueddemanniana ‘Arthur Chadwick' AM/AOS

Both ‘Jim Elmore’ and ‘Arthur Chadwick’ are of fine quality. They both have light lavender flowers with darker full lips. I believe this is the first time these two superb luddemanniana’s have been combined. Expect some very fine progeny out of these.

SVO 1727

C. schroderae 'SVOII' HCC/AOS x C. schroderae ‘SVO' AM/AOS

C. schroderae is a wonderful species; it carries 3-4 flowers in shades of light pink, with a beautiful orange lip. Here we have sib crossed our two best plants together.

SVO 1737

L. purpurata var. aco 'SVO' x L. purpurata var. venosa striata '7 flwr'

Two very nice color forms of purpurata combined. We are expecting a higher than average flower count as both parents carry many blooms.

SVO 1740

C. mossiae var. coerulea 'SVO' x C. mossiae var. coerulea 'Good Lip'

Two superb coerulea forms crossed together. C. mossiae blooms for Mother’s Day. Don’t miss out on these, they will be very nice.

SVO 1770

C. aclandiae var. coerulea 'Blue Sky' HCC/AOS x C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS

The aclandiae v. coerulea is considered very rare with its dark blue lip. We’ve crossed it back to its mother ‘Gulfglade’ with one of the largest flowers seen in C. aclandiae. Although a few may be in the coerulea shades I expect most to be typical in color. Both parents are vigorous growers and the progeny are growing well, ready to be mounted.

SVO 1801

Prs. cochleata 'Lazaro' x Prs. cochleata

This former Encyclia species is commonly called the cockle shell orchid. It has spikes of upside down flowers that are spidery green with a black and green striped lip. The spikes bloom sequentially for many months! Easy and vigorous growers.

SVO 1842

C. labiata var. rubra 'Schuller's' x C. labiata var. rubra 'Fertigo' SM/JOGA, AM/AVO

The rubra variety C. labiata has much darker purple flowers than the type species. This is a pairing of 2 fine varieties. These are strong growing seedlings with a purple cast to the leaves indicating the rubra form.

SVO 1945

C. lueddemanniana var. coerulea 'Kathleen' x C. lueddemanniana var. coerulea 'Francisco'

Good coerulea luddemanniana are very expensive, here we have combined two excellent cultivars. These are growing beautifully with good vigor. The ‘Francisco’ cultivar is one of the best from the new line breeding out of Venezuela. I have purchased many imported seedling of these coerulea forms for a lot more $’s each…..

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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