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Spotted Cattleyas

Spotted flowers have been a favorite of mine for years. Seeing those wonderful spots in the heat of summer is a spectacular sight. Today the development of spotted breeding include flowers that bloom in colors ranging from cream, yellow, pink, orange, green, and bronze. They can be speckled, spotted and blotched. The use of C. Mark Jones has improved petal width and size. While the hybrids with Lc. Jungle Elf, Slc. Jungle Gem and Blc. SunCoast Sun Spots will add their yellow color to the flowers.

An amazing variety of color, spotting and patterns are possible. These new hybrids are bred to carry the flowers well, on strong stems, and have compact plant sizes to be bloomed in 4”-5” pots.


SVO 1560

Lc. Tropical Pointer 'Amethysto' HCC/AOS x Blc. Waikiki Jungle 'Sun Spots'

This is breeding for yellow flowers with spots. Tropical Pointer (Lc. Tropic Glow x C. intermedia) produces 5-7 flat, golden-yellow flowers with spots. Waikiki Jungle (Blc. Waikiki Gold x Lc. Jungle Elf) is a bright yellow with random burgundy spotting. We are expecting 3-5, yellow to gold flowers with improved petal width and of course random burgundy spots. Compact growing plants.

SVO 1742

C. Pittiae (C. loddigesii var. coerulea 'Blue Sky' AM/AOS x C. schilleriana var. coerulea 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS)

Here we are breeding for spotted blues! This primary hybrid is similar to C. Brabantiae (C. loddigesii x C. aclandiae), expect improved flower count due to the influence of C. schilleriana. The plants are expressing clear green foliage with a slight grey cast on the developing sheaths. I believe this is an indicator of light blue flower color and darker blue lips, however a few pink ones may appear. The blue flowered forms will be extremely collectable. Don’t miss out on these.

SVO 1770

C. aclandiae var. coerulea 'Blue Sky' HCC/AOS x C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS

The aclandiae v. coerulea is considered very rare with its dark blue lip. We’ve crossed it back to its mother ‘Gulfglade’ with one of the largest flowers seen in C. aclandiae. Although a few may be in the coerulea shades I expect most to be typical in color. Both parents are vigorous growers and the progeny are growing well, ready to be mounted.

SVO 1798

C. Landate (C. aclandiae var. coerulea ''Blue Sky' HCC/AOS x C. leopoldii var. coerulea)

The first Landate made with coerulea parents! The aclandiae v. coerulea is considered very rare with its dark blue lip. The leopoldii is olive green with a coerulea blue lip. We are hoping for a few to have olive green flowers with blue lips. When the blue flowered forms appear they will be very collectable.

SVO 1823

C. loddiglossa var. coerulea x C. leopoldii var. coerulea

The Loddiglossa (C. amethystoglossa x C. loddigesii) has 9 to 11 light blue flowers with darker lips, produced on a 12” inflorescence. The leopoldii blooms with 10 or more flowers, the petals and sepals are green, the lip and part of the column are blue. Our first batch of these have all flowered out in shades of blue with darker lips! These are very collectable bifoliate coerulea Cattleyas. Highly recommended and not to be missed. Here is a picture of the first to bloom 1443

SVO 1839

Blc. SunCoast Sunspots 'SVOII' AM/AOS x Blc. SunCoast Sunspots 'SVO' HCC/AOS

SunCoast Sunspots (Lc. Jungle Elf x Blc. Waianae Leopard) is a brilliant yellow flower with distinctive spots and a ruby red lip. Here we have crossed 2 superb siblings to produce more variation of yellow flowers with burgundy spots. These are very nice, producing the largest yellow flowers with spots.

SVO 1979

Slc. Armonia de Suenos 'SVO' x Blc. SunCoast Sunspots 'SVOII' AM/AOS

We are continuing with our next generation of yellow flowers with spots. Armonia de Suenos (Slc. Jungle Gem x Lc. Varut Startrack) is a very waxy yellow with burgundy spots and red lip. SunCoast Sunspots (Lc. Jungle Elf x Blc. Waianae Leopard) is a brilliant yellow flower with distinctive spots and a ruby red lip. This cross will produce improved flowers ranging from bright yellow to orange with burgundy spots and a red lip.

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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