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We are pleased to offer this selection of our hybrids and species in flask. I hope you will be impressed by these offerings. 

Please take an extra moment to review the Cyc. cooperi sib crosses,  the finest parental stock has been used.  These represent the next generation of improvement.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.

These are now in the 'spread' stage and I am taking orders for final replates.  Once ordered, it will generally take from 8-10 months before they are ready to ship.  The number of replates available from any cross is limited so order early as not to be disappointed.   The flasks will have 25 plants and are priced  as marked, plus shipping. 

Last date to order is  October 30,  2007

Sep 2007

1024 Ctsm. Ten Dragons      
Ctsm. tenebrosa 'Ed Wise #3'
Ctsm. Dragon Teeth 'SVO' AM/AOS
  15 to 20 dark flowers on arching inflorescences, very showy.  

Cyc. Jean E. Monnier 'SVO II' HCC
  Dark cooperi with very wide petals and an excellent dark flowered Jean E. Monnier. High flower count and very dark flowers, this is the next level of improvement in this breeding line  

Cyc. cooperi 'SVO Dark Chocolate'
  Two of the darkest cooperi in my collection, excellent shape and color  

Cyc. cooperi 'SVO Dark Chocolate'
  'SVO III' has10.3 cm flower and 41 flower on an inflorescence!, 'Dark Chocolate' is very dark  

  'SVO III' has10.3 cm flower and 41 flower on an inflorescence!, 'SVO' is a chocolate color  

Ctsm. pileatum 'Dinner Plate'
Ctsm. pileatum 'SVO Independence'
  My two best pileatums, 15 to 20 huge cream and green flowers, don't miss these.  

  My best cooperi with the emerald green cooperi, expect a high percentage of green flowers. This is a rare color form which I have never seen offered for sale.  

  This is a remake of Jean E. Monnier is made with the same parents that has produced 12 AOS awards. Expect 25 to 35 dark flowers on long arching inflorescences, an excellent hybrid  

Cyc. Jean E. Monnier 'SVO II' HCC/AOS
  My best cooperi and an excellent dark flowered Jean E. Monnier. Very high flower count expect 35-40 flowers in chocolate to green, this is the next level of improvement.  

Cyc. warscewiczii 'Giant Swan'
Morm. hookeri 'SVO Black Fuzz'
  Named Cycd. Chiriqui, these will have the fine shape imparted by the warscewiczii and dark color from the Mormodes. We expect some will have the fuzzie lips like hookeri….. These will be robust plants producing 2-3 spikes per bulb carring 10 to 15 flowers each.  




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