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These are available to order for final replates until June 1st

Cross #




Lc. Floralia’s Azul 'Sandra' AM/AOS


C. warneri v. coerulea 'do Suzuki'



C. warscewiczii 'Paul' AM/AOS


C. warscewiczii 'Kathleen' AM/AOS



C. warscewiczii 'Alexanders var.'


C. warscewiczii 'Michael' AM/AOS



Lc. Love Knot coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS


C. intermedia v. aquinii. coerulea 'SVO Blue Splash'



Slc. Kathryn Clarkson 'SVO' HCC/AOS


(Blc. SunCoast Sunspots x C. Mark Jones) 'SVO Best'



C. Mark Jones 'SVO' HCC/AOS


Slc. Kathryn Clarkson 'SVO' HCC/AOS


2011 Catasetum flask offering


This year we have focused on the Catasetum alliance looking for large flower size and bold colors.  This breeding will produce plants that mature quickly and flower more than once a year with many, once mature, blooming 3 times a year or more!   

These flasks are in the spread stage. I have plenty of seed  and can make what you would like. Last day to order these is June 1st.   It will be 6-8 months after the final replates are made before they will be ready to ship.  There are 25 plants per flask. 

Please contact me via E-mail  to place your order.

SVO 5240    

Ctsm. fimbriatum v. morrenianum ‘SVO’ x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs ‘Burgundy Chips’ FCC/AOS

Flowers from yellow with spots to solid dark red, frilly lips, good flower count
Flasks $65


SVO 5243

 Ctsm. Crownfox Voodoo ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Ctsm. pileatum v. imperale ‘SVO’

Excellent dark red flowers, large size and big flat lips
Flasks $65


SVO 5244

Ctsm. tigrina ‘SVO’ x self

Very rare.  I have been only able to acquire a few plants after many years of searching.
Flasks $85


SVO 5245 

Ctsm. Bela Vista’s Sangria ‘Jamie’s Purple Passion’ HCC/AOS x Ctsm. pileatum v. imperale ‘SVO’

Dark purple reds with large flat lips, nice
Flasks $65  


SVO 5246 

Ctsm. fimbriatum ‘Golden Horizon’ x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs ‘Burgundy Chips’ FCC/AOS

Yellow flowers with bold burgundy spots and frilly lips, nice
Flasks $65


SVO 5247 

Ctsm. fimbriatum ‘Golden Horizon’ x Ctsm. atratum ‘Polar Cap’

Yellow flowers, fine spotting, good flower count and frilly lips
Flasks $65


SVO 5248  

Ctsm. Donna Wise ‘Amber’ AM/AOS x Ctsm. fimbriatum v. morrenianum ‘SVO’

Dark red flowers with frilly lips and high flower count
Flasks $65


SVO 5249

Ctsm. Donna Wise ‘Amber’ AM/AOS x Ctsm. pileatum v. imperale ‘SVO’

Dark red flowers with big lips great color and size
Flasks $65


SVO 5251 

Ctsm. Protagee Star ‘Brain Lawson’s Sunrise’ HCC/AOS x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs ‘Burgundy Chips’ FCC/AOS

Large, flat yellow flowers with burgundy spots
Flasks $65


2011 Paphiopedilum Flasks Offering


Please contact me via E-mail  to place your order.

SVO 5171

Paph. Fanaticum ‘SVO Chunky Monkey’ AM/AOS x Paph. Conco-bellatulum ‘SVOII’ AM/AOS
$100 flask


SVO 5172

Paph. Norito Hasegawa
Paph. malipoense ‘Vic’s First’ AM/AOS x Paph. armeniacum ‘Giant Sun’
$75 flask


SVO 5174

Ho Chi Minh ‘SVO’ x Paph. delenatii ‘SVOVII’ AM/AOS $75 flask


SVO 5177

Paph. Deception II
Paph. delenatii v. alba ‘SVO White Night’ HCC/AOS x Paph. niveum ‘SVO’
$75 flask


SVO 5178 

Paph. bellatulum
Paph. bellatulum ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x self
$75 flask


SVO 5179

Paph. Paph. Vanda M. Pearman
Paph. bellatulum ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Paph. delenatii SVOV’ HCC/AOS
$75 flask




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