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SVO 1976

(Stanhopea connata 'Malaine' x Acenita heritoxantha 'SVO')

Here is a new hybrid with in a genus not viewed as a popular breeding group. After seeing how wonderful Acinbreea Sensacion (Embreea rodigasiana x Acineta heritoxantha) is I felt more needed to be done. I have tried for several years to breed Stanhopeas with Acinetas. I finally got one to take. I believe the Stanhopea will dominate for flower color and shape with the Acineta imparting its high flower count and yellow color. Expect 7-10 flat, golden-yellow on a pendulous inflorescence. This is a really amazing hybrid. Limited

SVO 2130

Zga. Dynamite 'Red Valentine' x Btmna. colleyi 'SVO' HCC/AOS

This Dynamite (Zga. Dynamo x Z. crinitum) has a very unusual red lip color quite rare with Zygos. The plant is also smaller growing than many Zygos. The colleyi has a mahogany colored flowers carried 5 per stem and has a compact growth habit. Btmna. colleyi is a warm growing species where 65 degrees nights and 88 degree days are prevalent it its natural environment. This hybrid was made to keep plant size down, produce 5-6 green flowers with red to mahogany-red markings and red lips.  And most of all add warm tolerance into a Zygo. These have been growing well under my Cattleya conditions of 55 degree winter nights and 85-95 degree summer days. A very interesting new look in this Zygo breeding. Picture of first to bloom, Pic 2, Pic 3

SVO 2133

Zygo. Advance Australia 'SVO' x Gbs. Green Tyger 'H&R' AM/AOS

Advance Australia (Z. Titanic x Z. Helen-Ku) has chartreuse flowers barred and blotched chocolate and a white lip with dark purple lines. Green Tyger (Pab. jugosa x Glta. grandiflora) has lime green flowers with burgundy stripes and stippling. The breeding here is for green flowers with heavy barring and striping. There should be a good degree of warmth tolerance in the cross due to the influence of the Glta. grandiflora which grows under warn conditions ranging from 65 degree nights and 85 degree days. These plants have been growing well under my Cattleya conditions of 55 degree winter nights and 85-95 degree summer days. This is a very different look in Zygos and very unusual.

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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