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Sunset Valley Orchids 2018-19 Sarcochilus list

Sarcochilus are native to Australia and have been grown by hobbyists there for many years; they are very popular and easy to grow.

During my first visit to Australia in 2011, I was fortunate to meet Scott Barrie who was doing a magnificent job breeding new “high color” Sarcochilus. These color forms were not readily available in the USA – It looked to me like these were one of Australia's best kept secrets!  It was surprising to see how good these plants were. Seven years have elapsed, and the quality of the current breeding is just fantastic. There have been impressive improvements in flower color, size, and ease of flowering.

This list is comprised of carefully selected hybrids that are most promising, with good color, compact plant habit, and quickness to bloom.  All will flower in 3” pots.  These Australian gems flower from April through early May, just in time for Mother's Day.

There are several very special hybrids with potential to produce yellow, salmon and orange flowers!!!  

This is the most significant offering of “high color” Sarcochilus breeding in the USA!   Don't miss out…

Growing tips for Sarcochilus
Here are the basic requirements for moisture, temperature and light needed for good culture:

  • Sarcochilus need to be watered in a way to keep the medium slightly moist.  They don't have pseudobulbs to store water, so it's the leaves and roots that are responsible for this function.  I water them every 2-3 days in summer and once a week in winter.  Sarcochilus need a well-drained open potting medium, as watering will be frequent. I have found a mix of medium orchid bark and perlite to be ideal. Fertilize every watering with ¼ tsp. fertilizer per gallon of water.
  • The summer temperatures should range from 75-85 degrees during the day and 60-70 degrees at night, with winter temperatures of 60-75 degree days and 45-55 degree nights. Plants prefer light levels of 1500 to 2000 foot candles (fc). In the peak of summer under hot humid conditions, plants benefit from increased shading, air movement and watering, as this helps to keep them cool and hydrated.


SVO D046    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Kaleidescope 'Frangipani' x Sarco. Roberta 'Good Yellow')

This is a great cross that willexpress the alba yellow genes of the parentage. The Kulnura Kaleidescope used here has a very productive habit, with plants producing multiple inflorescences. Expect upright spikes carrying well-supported full shaped-yellow flowers with some white splashing.
3” pots 

SVO D107
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Fairy 'Scarlet' x Sarco. Bunyip 'Forest Fruit')

The combination of our most productive red, Fairy 'Scarlet,' with Bunyip 'Forrest Fruits,' which carries recessive red genes. This cross will produce long stems with a profusion of red flowers. Some will be deep pink, and a few will be patterned in darker pink.
3” pots

SVO D109    
Sarco. Kulnura Talent (Sarco. Elegance 'MSG'x Sarco. Kulnura Dazzel 'F1')

Elegance 'MSG' is from the sibling cross of two excellent cultivars of Elegance. It has full overlapping form and solid pink flowers. By combining 'MSG' with Kulnura Dazzel, we are intensifying the genes for deep pink color, and there's a slight chance of some plants with red flowers.  Expect full-shaped pinks and some patterned flowers on upright stems. As an added bonus, the plants will be very productive.
3” pots

SVO D135    
Sarco. Kulnura Kaleidescope (Sarco. Kulnura Kaleidescope 'Chesell'x Sarco. Kulnura Kaleidescope 'No Fade')
These are going to be super dark yellows. The shape will be a bit on the starry side, but the fantastic color will make up for it. This is some of the best yellow breeding to date.          
3” pots

SVO D151    
(Sarco. Kulnura Need '7 spikes' x Sarco. Kulnura Euphoria 'Underlay')

Good orange colored Sarcochilus flower breeding is developing rapidly. With this promising cross, we have combined the deep orange of '7 spikes' with the subtle pink-orange of 'Underlay'.  The expectation is for significantly improved flower form with highly desirable orange colors. A few reds will also result from this mating.   
3” pots

SVO D166    
Sarco.  Hiccup 'Big Marble Late' x Sarco. Kulnura Intensity 'Red' )
This is the sort of cross that gets you up in the morning and represents a fantastic development of red-flowered Sarcochilus! Hiccup has a very large flower. By combining it with this Kulnura Intensity we will see some serious improvement in flower size while keeping the red flower color.  The first of these to bloom have proven this prediction! Check out the picture
3” pots  

SVO E030
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Elegance 'Super' xSarco. Peace 'On Earth' AM/AOC)

The combination of Elegance 'Super' with full formed speckled whites has proven to produce stunningly marked flowers. Peace 'On Earth' brings wonderful vigor and excellent long spikes to the mating, not to mention award form.
3” pots

SVO E075
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Bunyip 'Super Free' x Sarco. Kurumba 'Orange Salmon')

Remake of the exceptionally variable S. Kulnura Kaleidoscope grex. This cross produces whites, pinks and patterned flowers. Additionally, it reveals the recessive red, yellow, gold and orange. If you're looking for something interesting this is the cross for you.
3” pots

SVO E096    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Bunyip 'Salmon' xSarco. Kulnura Shades '50')

This is a great hybrid for seriously nice full shaped pinks. There will also be a low percentage of orange and albas.   
3” pots

SVO E098    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Rosella 'Spotty' x Sarco. Kulnura Smoothie 'Tip')

We really like the spotted red/purple flowers of flat, full shape, this one will be dazzling.
3” pots

SVO E120    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Dazzle 'Purple Blotch' x Sarco. Sweetheart 'Speckles')

We have seen this type of cross flower. Exceptionaly bright purple pink patterning on full shaped flowers from very robust plants. Spike habit is strong and upright.    
3” pots

SVO E124    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Shades '50' x Sarco. Roberta 'Good Yellow' )

100% yellow. This cross combines two full yellow albas to ensure a quality yellow result. Arching stems from good growing plants. Very desirable color form.
3” pots

SVO E136
(Sarco. Kulnura Maestro 'Feathered Gold' x Sarco. Kulnura Maestro 'Splash')

Breeding for peloric flowers in Sarcochilus is in its developmental infancy. We have made similar crosses in the past and have bloomed some splash petal (peloric) offspring. These two are very good representations of this type. Expect pinks and purple flowers on arching spikes. Hope for purple sepals and golden splash petals.
3” pots

SVO E143
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Shades '50 Blood' x Sarco. Kulnura Rusty 'Pink Red' )

These will be exceptionally free flowering plants. The form will be flat and open. The exciting aspects of this cross are the release of the recessive red in these early flowering plants. This is the next phase in extending the flowering season back into spring.
3” pots

SVO E151
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Bunyip 'Super Free' x Sarco. Parma 'Lemon')

This cross follows the path of the Kulnura Kaleidoscope. The difference here is the higher percentage of yellow and reduced percentage of white. These will be large, full flowers on arching spikes from strong growing plants.
3” pots

SVO E170    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Bunyip 'Salmon' x Sarco.Parma 'Lemon' )

This cross is designed to replicate the success of very orange colored flowers of Kulnura Kaleidoscope. Expect the range of color will include red, orange, pink and full yellow. Truly a fantastic cross to flower.    
3” pots

SVO E178    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Rachel Emma 'Peach Glow' x Sarco. Fizzy Dove 'Peachy')

This cross will yield a range of yellows and peaches. Good flower count from prolific plants. A super nice pairing.
3” pots

SVO E186
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Madge 'Free' HCC/AOC x Sarco. Kulnura High 'Multi')

Madge 'Free' has produced excellent formed “Poached Eggs” for us in numerous crosses. In this back cross we see two infusions of Madge to one of Bunyip. Expect 100% poached eggs of full, flat form on arching stems.
3” pots

SVO E189    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Bunyip 'Super Free' x Sarco. Heidi 'Red Flush')

A remake of the Kulnura Sanctuary. Expect a range of colours from pink, patterning to red flowers. These beautiful flowers will be produced on long arching stems       
3” pots

SVO E196    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Dazzle 'Deep Velvet'  x Sarco. Kulnura Drive '4 Black' )

As the cultivars suggest, these are the deepest red we have. These will be smaller flowers, with the deepest black red color imaginable. Plants will produce multiple, upright, spikes.  Last year three plants flowers right out of the plug trays: 1, 2,3
3” pots

SVO E201
(Sarco. Kulnura Ballerina 'Spots' x Sarco. Kulnura Gizmo 'Bright Spot' )

We call this spotting style “Blotch spotting'. The parents used here are exceptionally free flowering, producing a profusion of upright spikes. Look for bright white base coloring overlaid with red/purple spotting. Very attractive.
3” pots

SVO E206    
Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Roundup 'Multi Spot' x Sarco. Kulnura Gizmo 'Big')

The spotted Sarco's are is one of the most visually impressive. Nice white background with deep purple spots. Stunning flowers from upright spikes      
3” pots

Sarco. New Hybrid (Sarco. Kulnura Dazzle 'Deep Velvet' x Sarco. Bunyip 'Forest Fruit')

I've mentioned releasing the recessive genes in the Bunyip line numerous times through this listing. This cross aims to release the recessive red in Bunyip. Bunyip brings longer spikes, larger flowers and fuller form to the open formed deep, deep red of Kulnura Dazzle. If you don't already have a red, get one of these. If you do already have a red, get two of these.
3” pots





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