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Catalog Archives

SVO 917

L. tenebrosa 'Rain Forest' FCC/AOSx L. tenebrosa 'Coast Orchids' AM/AOS

An excellent L. tenebrosa cross, don't miss out on these. Limited


SVO 974

C. aurantiaca (C. aurantiaca ‘Gold Country 4n' x self)

A superior dark orange tetraploid aurantiaca selfed to make more excellent tetraploids.

SVO 1010

L. briegeri 'Star of Brazil' HCC/AOS x L. briegeri 'SVO'

Not often grown from seed, here two superior cultivars are combined. Limited supply.


SVO 1030

C. leopoldii 'SVO' AM/AOS x C. leopoldii 'Equilab'

Two superior cultivars used here ‘SVO' blooms with 40 or more flowers and ‘Equilab' has great shape and coloring, expect high flower count and good form.


SVO 1204

L. anceps (L. anceps ‘Rustic Royalty' HCC/AOS x L. anceps ‘Ultimo')

‘Rustic Royalty' has the Guerrero form in its linage resulting in a beautiful color suffusion across the petals, ‘Ultimo' is as the name implies. Two superior anceps. These are limited and very desirable.

SVO 1462A

C. bicolor (C. bicolor ‘Beta' x C. bicolor ‘Green Magic' AM/AOS)

C. bicolor is one of my favorite Cattleya species, both ‘Beta' and ‘Green Magic' are well known they each have green flowers with red lips. An earlier cross has already produced an AOS award. These are very desirable and not often offered, here is your chance.


** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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