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Catalog Archives

SVO 917

L. tenebrosa 'Rain Forest' FCC/AOSx L. tenebrosa 'Coast Orchids' AM/AOS

Just an excellent L. tenebrosa cross, don't miss out on these. Limited


SVO 1010

L. briegeri 'Star of Brazil' HCC/AOS x L. briegeri 'SVO'

Not often grown form seed, here are two excellent plants combined. Limited


SVO 1030

C. leopoldii 'SVO' AM/AOS x C. leopoldii 'Equilab'

Two excellent leopoldii's combined. 'SVO' booms with over 40 flowers per stem.


SVO 974

C. aurantiaca 'Gold Country' 4n x self

An excellent tetraploid selfed will make more excellent tetraploids


SVO 966

C. aclandiae 'KG Pink Tiger' HCC/AOS x C. aclandiae 'SVO' HCC/AOS

Superb pairing of two recently awarded aclandiae. These are exhibiting vigorous growth and are ready to be mounted

** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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