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Australian Dendrobium:  3" pots special

Buy 4 for $80 plus shipping and get one FREE!

SVO 5333 
Den. Golden Vista 'SVO' x Den. Dunokayla 'Tuyet' AM/AOS

This cross is as current as any Aussie Den breeding in Australia, and I'm really looking forward to flowering these plants!  The Golden Vista (Class x Star of Gold) produces large yellow flowers with a red blush on the edges of the sepals and a white lip covered with fine red spots.  The Dunokayla produces solid yellow chunky flowers with 20 or more blooms per stem.  Very impressive!  I expect these to be good yellows with a few red markings, high flower count and chunky form.  Nice large flowers, too.   Similar to SVO 5664.
3” pots $20

 SVO 5655
Den. Royal Vista 'SVO I' x Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC

Windermere is renowned in Australia for its breeding capabilities.  This parent appears to be recessive for color, allowing the color of the other parent to come through in the progeny.  Royal Vista (Beryl Wuth x Hilda Poxon) has a surprisingly large, purple flower with a nicely contrasting nearly-white lip.  Here we expect large lavender flowers on straight upright stems. An occasional plant will have white or cream colored blooms.
3” pots $20

SVO 5669
Den. Australian Artist (Den. Cobber 'Violet Gold' x Den. speciosum v. curvicaule 'Daylight Moon' FCC/AOC)
In August 2013 I attended the Melbourne Spectacular Orchid Show and saw many Australian Artists in bloom there. I was really impressed with how nicely they were flowering, with strong upright spikes, light yellow blooms and purple-red spotting.  These are really spectacular and make excellent display plants.  A proven cross with excellent qualities.    First to bloom picture.
3” pots $20

SVO 6010  
Den. (Tosca x Rutherford Starburst) 'Red Wine' x Den. Royal Vista '#3' 

'Red Wine' has just that - red wine-colored flowers.  It is an excellent grower and has flowered as many as 15 times from a single pseudobulb.  Absolutely amazing!  I consider it my best red/purple breeding plant.  Pairing it with Royal Vista (Beryl Wuth x Hilda Poxon) and its surprisingly large, medium purple flower and light pink lip, will give the offspring superb flower size and color. 
3” pots $20

SVO 6187    
Den. Gillieston Jazz 'Steven' x Den. Brimbank You Beauty 'SVO'

This cross will produce a range of flower colors from solid dark purple to white with purple tips.  Gillieston Jazz has a very dark purple/red flower, and is a great grower and reliable bloomer.  Brimbank You Beauty is a soft purple with a light center.  This grex will produce the desired outcome: nice plants, many with dark purple/red flowers.  Plant size will top out at 8-10” tall, and these should be reliable bloomers.  Nice color and plant habit with this one.
3” pots $20





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