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Plant Offerings

Fredclarkeara (Fdk.) Special:  3" pots special

Buy 4 for $82 plus shipping and get one FREE!

SVO 6173
Fdk. L'Amour de vie de Sue (Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS  x Ctsm. Louise Clarke 'Simply Fantastic')
Painted Desert (Cl. Rebecca Northen x Morm. sinuata) is the parent of the world-famous Fdk. After Dark.  The influence of Mormodia (Mo.) is well known: it adds flower color, multiple pendulous inflorescences and flower longevity to its offspring.  Ctsm. Louise Clarke is named for my mother and is a spectacular hybrid.  The cultivar 'Simply Fantastic' flowers 3-4 times a year and has superb flower quality, high flower count and huge, hard flat lips.  The Ctsm. Louise Clarke adds additional doses of pileatum and expansum, which will provide improved flower size and lip width.  What about color?  I believe that the deep red from Mo. Painted Desert combined with the dark brown of Ctsm. Louise Clarke will lead to red blooms with darker spots, but this cross has the potential to produce black-colored flowers.  All will have excellent form, arrangement and flower count.    Similar to SVO 6481.  Picture of first to bloom. Pic 
3” pots $20

SVO 6470     
(Fdk. Frank Smith 'SVO' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS)
Frank Smith 'SVO' (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. John C. Burchett) is just fantastic, with superior shape, high flower count, perfectly arranged blooms, long lasting flowers, and a flower color that is very dark, appearing nearly black.  John C. Burchett (João Stivalli x Susan Fuchs) is the pinnacle of pileatum-based Catasetum breeding today.  Its dark burgundy flowers are fantastic in every way: size, color, shape, etc.  This cross represents line breeding at its finest!  The Frank Smith is already fantastic, but adding back the huge pileatum-based lip of John C. Burchett will further flatten and increase the size of the flower and lip, while maintaining the amazing color.  I'm not sure how it can get any better than this!
3” pots $22

SVO 6487
Fdk. New Hybrid  (Fdk. After Midnight 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davies Ranches' AM/AOS)
With this cross we are taking the nearly perfect darkest burgundy flowers of Fdk. After Midnight 'SVO Dark Beauty' and pairing them with the huge lip and colorful spotted flower of Ctsm. Orchidglade.  Our experience has taught us that this type of hybrid makes for improved flower form.  The flower color of the progeny will range from solid deep burgundy to densely spotted burgundy, and a few might even be light yellow with bold red spots.  There is lots of potential to get unique and beautiful flowers from this cross.
3” pots $20

SVO 6488
Fdk. New Hybrid (Fdk. Desert Tenor 'SVO Burgundy Beauty' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'JTM')
Desert Tenor (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. tenebrosum) has almost perfect flower shape with very rounded segments, lots of flowers, and a rich reddish color, covered with dark spots. The flower of Orchidglade 'JTM' (pileatum x expansum) is an amazing very dark burgundy, with a huge lip in the same color. 'JTM' is short for 'Jamie's Tortured Midnight.'  All of the benefits of this breeding will be evident in the progeny: excellent shape, flower color, high flower count and bloom longevity.
3” pots $20

SVO 6722 
Fdk. Majestic Orchids Shopper (Fdk. After Midnight 'SVO Dark Beauty' FCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS)
This cross is named for a large Facebook orchid club in Puerto Rico.  The capsule parent is the best After Midnight (Fdk. After Dark x Ctsm. Mark Dimmitt), as the FCC/AOS award indicates, but I'll add that it was awarded with 32 perfectly-arranged, flat, dark black-cherry red flowers on two gracefully arching inflorescences.  This John C. Burchett (João Stivalli x Susan Fuchs) is as good as it gets with Catasetum breeding today.  The dark burgundy flowers are of superior size, color and shape, and the lip is huge and flat.  This grex is top-of-the-line Fredclarkeara breeding, and the addition of the huge dark pileatum-type lip from the John C. Burchett will further increase flower size and flatten the flower and lip shape.  How can it get better than this?  If I were a betting man, this is another cross where I'd put my money! 
3” pots $22



Cycnoches (Cyc.) Special:  3" pots special

Buy 4 for $74 plus shipping and get one FREE!

SVO 6893 
Cyc. New Hybrid (Cyc. Anne-Kathrin Berger 'SVO' x Cyc. Kevin Clarke 'SVO' FCC/AOS)
I've been working to develop Cycnoches with yellow flowers and red spots, a combination that I really like.  The Anne-Kathrin Berger (pentadactylon x herrenhusanum) has this color combination as well as great flower form, high flower count and ease of plant growth.  Kevin Clarke (warscewiczii x herrenhusanum) has impressive flower quality, with bright yellow-green blooms and golden spots.  The hope here is for large yellows with red spots, based on the contribution of yellow flower color from both herrenhusanum grandparents, improved size from warscewiczii and spots from pentadactylon.  There will be 15 to 20 well-arranged flowers on each inflorescence.  I am very optimistic about the potential here.
3” pots $20

SVO 6869
Cyc. warscewiczii (Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO Jumbo Super' x Cyc. warscewiczii 'OMG')
This 2017 listing contains four new Cyc. warscewiczii offerings.  I believe that these crosses have the highest potential ever seen and will set a new standard in flower quality for this extremely desirable species.  The breeding history behind this pairing: 'SVO Jumbo Super' is ('SVO' AM/AOS x 'Jumbo Mutation'), and 'OMG' is ('SVO' AM/AOS x 'SVO II' AM/AOS).  Both of these have ridiculously wide petals and flat form.  This is as good as it gets!
3” pots $22 

SVO 6473       
Cyc. New Hybrid (Cyc. Jumbo Cooper 'SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. Alexis Jesus Pardo 'Sleeper Keeper')
The cross of Jumbo Cooper used the very green Cyc. cooperi 'Green Emerald' HCC/AOS and the exceptional  Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS as parents.  The flower quality, size and count of the progeny have been excellent.  Cyc. Alexis Jesus Pardo (Cyc. Chloroge x Cyc. barthiorum) has a different look to the flowers, with a more upswept petal stance, influenced by the Cyc. loddigesii in its breeding.  These new Cycnoches hybrids are getting very interesting!  The expectation here is for large, light tan to green flowers with spotting, and lots of flowers on each inflorescence. 
3” pots $18 

SVO 6472     
Cyc. New Hybrid (Cyc. Jumbo Cooper 'SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS)
This cross is all about green flowers on long cascading inflorescences. The cross of Jumbo Cooper used the very green Cyc. cooperi 'Green Emerald' HCC/AOS and the exceptional  Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS as parents.  The offspring were high quality, with 3 receiving AOS awards.  Backcrossing Jumbo Cooper to warscewiczii will increase flower size, improve overall shape and reinforce the green flower color. The plants are showing excellent vigor.
3” pots $18

SVO 6159      
Cyc. Maren Gleason (Cyc. warscewiczii 'SVO' AM/AOS x Cyc. Martha Clarke 'SVO' AM/AOS)
This warscewiczii has superb flower size, count, shape and flowering habit.  The Martha Clarke (herrenhusanum x barthiorum) is truly special, which is why I named it for my wife!  The swan-shaped flowers of Martha Clarke are orange/yellow with dark burgundy spots - amazing colors!  The addition of warscewiczii genes will result in a significant improvement to the overall size, shape, and form.  Large yellow/green flowers with many having red spots - oh my!  Pictures of first to bloom . Pic 1 , 2
3”pots $18



Clowesetum (Clo.) Special:  3" pots special

Buy 4 for $72 plus shipping and get one FREE!

SVO 6914
Clo.New Hybrid (Cl. Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink' x Ctsm. Melana Davison 'Bombshell'
Here is the second of the mini-Clowesetum crosses that I'm offering this year.  Rebecca Northen is a great parent, and pairing it with Ctsm. Melana Davison (Penang x denticulatum), a mini-Catasetum with shapely flowers, will assure well-formed blossoms.  Melana Davison has bloomed in a wide range of colors, from white to solid red and everything in-between.  I think these will be mostly spotted pink flowers, but some will be red, others burgundy and some may be pure white.  Regardless of color, the form and flower count will be excellent, and the compact plant size will ensure that everyone has space for one or two of these new mini-Clowesetums!
3” pots $18

SVO 6913
Clo. New Hybrid (Cl. Grace Dunn 'Chadds Ford' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS)
Cl. Grace Dunn (rosea x warczewitzii) 'Chadds Ford' is a nice plant, with pendulous inflorescences that produce attractive, soft pink flowers with a touch of green.  Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' is a reliable breeder, with large spotted flowers and a great blooming habit.  These will be long-lived, shapely flowers, generally pink in color, with lots of spots.  These should flower in mid-summer and again in the fall.
3” pots $18

SVO 6911
Clo. New Hybrid (Cl. Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink' x Ctsm. kleberianum 'SVO')
Mini-Catasetums have been a successful new direction in breeding, and this year we're trying some mini-Clowesetums.  The hybrid genus Clowesetum (Catasetum x Clowesia) is known for bloom longevity, with flowers lasting up to 4-5 weeks! Cl. Rebecca Northen (Grace Dunn x rosea) is a great parent and has been used in many successful hybrids.  Ctsm. kleberianum is a very rare Catasetum, and some suspect that it may be extinct in the wild.  It is a small-growing species with attractive flowers, sporting a flat bright yellow lip.  The plant size from this cross will be very compact, making these mini-Clowesetums - very cool!  This is a new direction in breeding, and predictions are a bit challenging.  The possibility is good for full-shaped flowers with spotting on the petals and sepals, and lips with pink to yellow color, but I would not be surprised to see light pink flowers with lots of darker pink spots.  As a bonus, these will flower 2 or 3 times a season.  I'm excited about the potential for this cross, and I'll be keeping a watchful eye on these as they begin to bloom.
3” pots $20

SVO 6483       
Clo. New Hybrid (Clo. JEM'S Dragon Tears 'SVO' AM/AOS x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS)  
Clowesetum (Catasetum x Clowesia) have excellent flower longevity with blooms often lasting more than 4 weeks!  JEM's Dragon Tears (Cl. warczewitzii x Ctsm. cirrhaeoides) is a small plant, standing about 6” tall at maturity.  A prolific bloomer, each pendulous inflorescence carries up to 35 flowers.  Orchidglade (pileatum x expansum) has large yellow flowers with red spots and a huge lip.  This is a good cross, made to deliver high-quality progeny, with high flower count, reduced plant size and great flower longevity.  Flowers will show a range of colors, mostly yellows with bold burgundy spotting. 
3” pots $18

SVO 6486       
Clo. New Hybrid (Clo. Pierre Couret 'Flamingo Spots' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'Davie Ranches' AM/AOS)
One of the great things about Clowesetum (Catasetum x Clowesia) is the 4-5 week flower longevity in this hybrid genus.  The long-lived, light pink flowers with dark pink spotting of the Pierre Couret (Cl. Rebecca Northen x Ctsm. pileatum v. imperiale) are really attractive. Orchidglade (pileatum x expansum) has yellow flowers with red spots and a huge lip.  This hybrid will deliver a significantly improvement in flower size, great color and many flowers per inflorescence.  Flowers will range across pink shades, with darker red-pink spotting.  This advanced Clowesetum cross will raise the bar for flower quality and produce long-lived blooms lasting 4-5 weeks.
3” pots $18



Australian Dendrobium:  3" pots special

Buy 4 for $80 plus shipping and get one FREE!

SVO 6188
Den. NEW HYBRID (Den. Donovan 'Opalescent' x Den. Zip 'Jack Mc Millen' HCC/AOS

Donovan (Elegant Heart x kingianum) has beautiful light rose-lavender flowers that are blushed darker on the tips of the petals and sepals. Zip (Ku-Ring-Gai x kingianum) has are white flowers with bands of purple. The cultivar 'Jack Mc Millen' has been recognized as an excellent breeder, producing lots of successful offspring.  These will have flowers influenced by kingianum but will be larger and have more complex coloration possibilities.
3” pots $20

SVO 6197        
Den. NEW HYBRID (Den. Gillieston Jazz 'Steven' x Den. Victorian Bride 'Genesis' AM/AOC)

Gillieston Jazz (Peewee x Zip) has a very dark purple/red flower. Best of all, it's a great grower and has flowered as many as 15 times from a single pseudobulb! Absolutely amazing! I consider it my best red/purple breeding plant. Victorian Bride (Rutherford Blushing Bride x Aussie Victory) has white flowers and bold dark purple markings – very attractive. Here we are going to see mostly white flowers with bold red-purple markings, and some will be a solid red-purple. Flower arrangement should be good on strong stems. 
3” pots $20

SVO 6537          
Den. Australian Robbie McInnes (Den. Aussie Parade 'Carrot Splash' HCC/AOS x Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC

Aussie Parade (Aussie Ira x Star of Gold) has an almost orange flower with bold red spots and a shape that shows the tetragonum in its ancestry. Renowned for its breeding capabilities, 'Windermere' is recessive for color. Here we are counting on its recessive nature to allow the colors of Aussie Parade to dominate. You will see lots of well-arranged yellow flowers with red markings from this cross. An amazing combination!

3” pots $20

SVO 6010  
Den. NEW HYBRID  Den. (Tosca x Rutherford Starburst) 'Red Wine' x Den. Royal Vista '#3' 

'Red Wine' has just that - red wine-colored flowers.  It is an excellent grower and has flowered as many as 15 times from a single pseudobulb.  Absolutely amazing!  I consider it my best red/purple breeding plant.  Pairing it with Royal Vista (Beryl Wuth x Hilda Poxon) and its surprisingly large, medium purple flower and light pink lip, will give the offspring superb flower size and color. 
3” pots $20

SVO 6510         
Den. Starburst Vista (Den. Gillieston Jazz 'Steven'Den. Tosca Starburst 'Red Wine')

Gillieston Jazz (Peewee x Zip) has a very dark purple/red flower and is a great grower and bloomer. I've seen plants flower as many as 15 times from a single pseudobulb - absolutely amazing!  I consider it my best red/purple breeding plant. Tosca Starburst  (Tosca x Rutherford Starburst) 'Red Wine' has red wine-colored flowers. This is one of those plants that flowers on and off throughout the year, with its primary blooming in February. Dark purple flowers are the objective here, and these might very well be the darkest yet, as both parents have exceptional color. 
3” pots $20 




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