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SVO  100
Coelogyne multifloral ‘Suwada’ CBR/AOS

This is one of those “hard to find” Coelogynes.  When this plant received the CBR it produced 377 flowers and 178 buds on four arched inflorescence (that’s 135 flowers per).  I have since flowered it an 8” basket with over 35 inflorescences producing over 4000 blooms!!!  Very impressive.  These are well established divisions and are well worth adding to your collection, this is a special plant.
4” pots $75 

SVO 5396 
Maxthompsonara Bryon Rinke 
Cta. Green Tyger ‘H&R’ AM/AOS x Btmna. peruviana ‘SVO’ HCC/AOS
Green Tyger (Pab. jugosa x Glta. grandiflora) has lime green flowers with burgundy stripes and stippling with a red striped lip.  It is a smaller plant standing about 8” tall and flowers 2 times a year and grows well in intermediate conditions.   Btmna. peruviana (awarded as colleyi) is a warm growing species where 65 degrees nights and 88 degree days are prevalent it its natural environment.   This hybrid was made to keep plant size to 8” tall (small for a Zygo), produce 4-5 green flowers with mahogany-red stripes and/or blotches, but most of all to add warm tolerance into a Zygo. These 3” plants have been growing well under my Cattleya conditions of 55-60 nights and 85-95 degree summer days.  A very interesting new type of Zygo breeding that will do well in the cool of winter and the heat of summer. Pictures of the first blooms of the cross in a 3" pot 1 , 2

Congratulations to Max Thompson and Bryon Rinke for receiving the first AOS award on the hybrid!!!
Extra congratulations are is order and this new hybrid genus has been named Maxthompsonara (Mxp.) and the grex as Byron Rinke. 

The new full name for this cross is: Mxp. Byron Rinke

4” pots $20



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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