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Miscellaneous Genera

SVO  100
Coelogyne multifloral ‘Suwada’ CBR/AOS

This is one of those “hard to find” Coelogynes.  When this plant received the CBR it produced 377 flowers and 178 buds on four arched inflorescence (that’s 135 flowers per).  I have since flowered it an 8” basket with over 35 inflorescences producing over 4000 blooms!!!  Very impressive.  These are well established divisions and are well worth adding to your collection, this is a special plant.
4” pots $75 


These two hybrids below were developed to be warm-growing Zygopetalinae, opening new opportunities for hobbyists to enjoy these beautiful flowers.  They have been bred specifically to do well under warm growing conditions with low light, like the conditions in the home and/or under lights.  

The parent plants all grow extremely well alongside my Paphiopedilums, where the temperatures range from 75-85 oF during the day and 60-65 oF at night.  Light levels are 1000-1500 fc.

Have you ever dreamed of having a new hybrid genus named after yourself?  This might be your best chance!  If you are the first to flower SVO 6919, which contains a new combination of 6 genera: Batemannia, Galeottia, Neogardneria,Pabstia, Promenaea and Zygopetalum, let me know ASAP and send a photo, you may be the lucky one. I’ll name the new hybrid genus and the new cross after you or the person of your choice.

***History is made once again!  Congratulations to David Nott and his daughter Lucy!  They were the first to flower the new hybrid genus (Gbs. Green Tyger x Zgm. Dynamite Peru). The new genus is now a Nottara and the grex is Lucy's Sassafras. The full new name is:  Nottara Lucy's Sassafras

Don’t think this could happen? Well, it already did last year with SVO 6995 (Gbs. Green Tyger x Btmna. peruviana (colleyi)), which is now named Maxthompsonara .  The hybrid genus is named for Max Thompson, and the grex for Bryon Rinke. How cool is that??


SVO  6919     
Nottara Lucy's Sassafras (Gbs. Green Tyger 'H&R' AM/AOS x Zgm. Dynamite Peru 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

Gbs. Green Tyger (Pab. jugosa x Glta. grandiflora) has glossy, lime green flowers striped red-brown lengthwise, and a purple striped lip. Dynamite Peru was registered recently in a new hybrid genus, Zygogardmannia (abbreviated Zgm). The parents are (Zga. Dynamite x Btmna. peruviana (colleyi)). The flowers are light green, spotted with mahogany bars and spots, and a white lip densely peppered with burgundy. Flower colors will be green with stripes and spots. Expect 4-6 flowers, twice a year. Here is the picture of the first to bloom picture This new hybrid genus was first bloomed by David Nott and his daughter Lucy, she thought the flowers smelled like sassafras. Congratulations David and Lucy!!!
3” pots $14

SVO 6995      
Maxtho. Bryon Rinke (Gbs. Green Tyger 'H&R' AM/AOS x Btmna. peruviana (colleyi) 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

The 5-6, satiny, chartreuse-colored flowers of Gbs. Green Tyger (Pab. jugosa x Glta. grandiflora) are striped red-brown lengthwise with a purple striped lip. Btmna. peruviana (colleyi) produces 4-6 light green flowers with bold mahogany markings and a white lip that is very finely spotted in burgundy. Flower colors will be green to yellow with varying degrees of bold spotting and a purple lip. Expect 4-6 flowers, twice a year. This cross was recently named Maxthompsonara Bryon Rinke and represents a new hybrid genus named for Max Thompson. Here is a first to bloom picture.
3” pots $14



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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